I did a remix of 'Cure For The Itch' a few months back as a fan made remix. I did it because I was checking out a lot of "remixes" where people got the original track and re-ordered the song. None of parts fitted leaving about 3 minutes of mess on each video I listened to (this was on Youtube). I came to the conclusion that I was gonna have a go at starting from scratch and try to remix the song. 

After a 8-9 hours of really going at it I came with the first edit that sounded alright but it could be improved. It was only a couple days later when I came up with the final piece. The mix genre is basically chill out and there are some references to the original track I put in there e.g the strings you hear ascending and descending in the second part the mix. 

I guess what I'm trying to put down even though there's another remix competition going on, during/after it would be good to hear some remixes of the actual track. I believe people can actually make something cool here. Anyway the links are below are the remixes including my own, worth checking out.   

Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch [Paul Jackson Remix]

Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch [A.06 Remix by Kokonoe]

Linkin Park - Kyur4 Th Ich (Cure For The Itch) Remix

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