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I got excited when DBS were about to release their debut album. I think it was probably because I thought they would sound something like LP, but they didn't. I'm glad Chester didn't try to bring the songs he wrote into LP or just come out as a solo artist, I think creating DBS was a great idea. I liked every song on the album and I definitely want to hear more of them in the future.
Yeah, no kidding :) I so miss the old school type alt-rock sound :)

I was totally surprised when I listened to Out of Ashes. Each song is unique and I like all of them. Some of them had - like Dan mentioned - an old school (not necessarily rock) touch. For example Too Late (the intro with the keyboards) or Give me your Name.remind me of the 80's / early 90's... Dead by SUnrise are great and I'm looking forward to see them soon (again) live.
Out of Ashes is such an amazing record, because it's such a great mixture of sounds and types of songs. You have the slower, more moving ones, then the faster, angrier ones. No two songs sound the same and the whole record had me caught and drawn in. I'm glad they don't sound like Linkin Park, because it's great to hear Chester in a whole new context.

Dead By Sunrise are brilliant and I love their sound. Very original and very worth while listening to!

My favourite tracks (such a hard choice to make) have to be the last three on the album; End of the World, Walking in Circles and In the Darkness.
DBS, one of the best bands out there....

i have to say when i heard Crawl Back In, i was completely stoked....and actually counted down the days til they released there album...

my boyfriend bought it for me as a surprise and i completely fell in love with My Suffering, In The Darkness, Crawl Back In, Fire, and Walking In Circles....

=] i wanna see them live!!!! =]
"Out Of Ashes" is extremely mediocre and a fair few of the songs sound like ... I don't know, generic, but the album's certainly listenable and there are some good songs on there, still. :) Chester's good at writing lyrics and melodies that are memorable, so I have to give him that.

As a side-project, Fort Minor was more effective in its aims. :) Sorry to compare two completely different genres and whatever, but Shinoda's side-project actually highlighted his ability to write and perform material that was drastically different from what he wrote as part of Linkin Park before "Minutes To Midnight". Everything about Fort Minor set it apart from Linkin Park, whereas a lot of Dead By Sunrise songs actually sound like the kind of stuff rock radio plays all the time. Not to say they're good ... but "Crawl Back In", for instance, doesn't sound original to me at all.
i really enjoyed dead by sunrise, just as i did fort minor. you look at the two and you get to see chester's side and then mike's side. it's pretty unique to me. i'm glad they included "the morning after" i've been loving that song since i heard chester sing it live by himself. i love how they support each other and don't get jealous of bandmates' side projects. we all know how bands break up so easily but i think LP is one band that are way too tight to split.
I was pleasently surprised by Out of ashes.
Its a great album.
There is 1 song that ain't realy 'my cup of the'.. but even that one plays here like every day. I like that one too, just not as much as the rest of the album.
But to have only 1 song I feel that way about on a album is realy rare. Cant realy remember any other albums (accept for LP's) that I feelth like that about :-)
Now I only hope I like the next LP album as much as I do DBS :-)
I only like the slower songs on Out of Ashes the heavy ones just didnt do it for me. I was really surprised on how the music ended up sounding because DBS also consists of the guys from Julien-k and it sounded nothing like Julien-k. By the way you guys should check out Julien-K they seem to be a very underrated band, pretty good stuff.
Skysoblue said:
I like No Road Left, I don't know why it's Mike who sing that. It should be chester.

what do you think?

I think you should've found a more relevant thread to say that in. ;*
Is there an official website for DBS??
I love the DBS record.

Chester sounds so awesomely good as he always does. How he varies from soothing to aggressive and back is so WOW, y'know? And the friends he's band mates with in the band are super-talented.

I like every song. As for favorites I'll have to say "Crawl Back In", "Let Down", "End of the World", "Walking in Circles" and "In the Darkness" :)

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