So I want some opinions, and I want to share mine. I am sad, almost depressed over that someone said I was a hypocrite and not a real fan - because I listen to lady gaga. They called me a hypocrite because I dress in black and have linkin park stuff and so on, but then I listen to lady gaga.


Someone else said I wasn't a fan because I didn't like everything linkin park does. But who likes everything? It's impossible. Some people say that I am not a real fan because I weren't there in the beginning. But I have my reasons. I simply couldn't.


But that's not the topic now. Someone says you're not a fan because you don't belong to lpu. I think that it's wrong buying yourself into a fandom. It's like people buying tickets to heaven. It's wrong. I like lpu and I am a part of it myself, but that doesn't mean that I say to everyone that isn't a part of it, that they aren't a fan enough.


I want your opinions on this. I mean, sure there's a difference between being a fan and being someone who likes them. But where goes the line?


Because I can say, even though I am listening to lady gaga and so on, I am one of the craziest fans due to dedication, love and support. They are a huge part of my daily life, too huge, that it's almost unhealthy. And still people call me a hypocrite.

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nice one...

Avo said:

Yet here you are on their website.... Need help with that diaper?

nilboging said:

I remember when I listened to linkin park. Then I cleaned out my diaper and grew the fuuck up.
Congrats wasting the 10+ minutes it took to write this pointless post.  

You post here so you are a fan.

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