Not sure if anyone can help but its frustrating when you order a album and firstly don't send you a order confirm and on top of that no mp3 digital download, now ive emailed warner tons of time to say could you check this order, then they get back to say no order exists, funny that you took the money very quickly and you can't find a order, anyway could someone please please help me with this as i think it is very unfair to do this to loyal customers of any artist joined with warner to be given the run around

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I've got the same problem. I've ordered the digital version of Living Things and cannot download it from anywhere. Any suggestion?

Do you have a confirmation somewhere that you have pre-ordered Living Things or that you have paid for it? If not then there is no way you can prove what you are saying. If you do have one, then why didn't you send it to Warner?

i have a copy of the page i bought stuff on as in saying what i got and everything but, and ive tried my best to get hold of warner but they were not helpful either, my album has turned up the cd version but i staill am owed mp3 living things and a trail of the remixes or something like that

Can you show me anything that confirms what you are saying? Something like a screenshot or an e-mail? If you want me to help you, I would need all those things, so I could contact the support team and ask them for help. Thanks!

yep i can do that :)

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