i hate to admit this but i had a friend who acquired the new album even tho its not out yet, ik its illegal and what not but obviously i'm a huge linkin park fan so i wasn't gonna pass on an opportunity to listen to it. well to get to the point i cant truly express how disappointed i officially am. you know honestly the last cd kinda rubbed me the wrong way as well but i was willing to pass on that because i had a feeling that it was gonna be slacking because they're first 2 cds were THAT GOOD. it just seemed inevitable that they couldn't continue making cds where every song was just so good. however i just cant truly explain HOW disappointed i am in where this band has ended up. if u listen to their first 2 albums and then listen to what they made with this new one u dont even know your listening to the same band. ive talked to people who have been in bands and people who follow music a lot closer than i do and i've been told that bands generally like to try and change because if they give in to what the fans want so much its considered "selling out". i guess i just truly hope that they don't feel like they need to change to keep some kind of "rebel image" or trying so hard to be so different or something. the fact is that they already are so different and they didn't need to change much to maintain that status. they were such an amazing rock band that was able to push the envelope so much by mixing in amazing raps with their rock mentality and using amazing sounds to make them so different. i just feel like they're trying too hard. now id also like to admit that as much as i could appreciate their lyrics in their first couple of albums (i grew up with divorced parents), lyrics haven't necessarily ever been something about them that made them stand out so much to me as much as their sound has. the reason i say this is cuz to be honest i don't even care that much about their lyrics. basically i'm saying i'm not judging they're most recent 2 albums on lyrics, i'm judging it purely on this new sound they've attempted. they used to rock out so much and now its all just so mellow and dramatic its depressing. basically my point is that they got such a large following based on how amazing they were, but the fact is these last 2 cds in my opinion have just been so awful. i hate to sound like one of those annoying whiney fans whose thinks the band is bad now and being so judgemental. linkin park was by far my favorite band, and i genuinely feel like they've died, i honestly feel like someone just told me they're gone and they wont be making new music anymore. i truly just cant put into words how upset i am. i really hope there is a way they could see this post cuz i wanted to try to find a way to email them thats how upset i really am. i'm sorry to anyone i've offended but i hope there r some people out there who agree with me. i miss my favorite band and its just too bad.

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I've only heard The Catalyst, but I thought it was amazing. It's too bad you think that, but it's your opinion I guess. My brother thinks its going to be a big disappointment, but I don't understand why, its silly to just assume that its going to be awful.

All I can say for you is, don't stop loving them because of this, just listen to the CD's you like!

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