I honestly understand linkin park is a big band and all, but 80 dollars for general admission? that is literally insane.. i remember paying i think 55-60 at the most... and pit tickets were 75. I have been waiting 6 years cause I literally have been missing every concert that comes to town cause i wasnt filled in, now that i am following, 2 tickets are gonna be like 160 dollars if not more here in Cali =( i really wanted to go, i guess you guys enjoy. linkin park is my favorite band and i actually have been saving money up for months for this cause I gotta pay my dues and bills, but i only put back 180 for 3 people, now it's gonna be way more expensive ='(

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I understand ur point but i just wana say i went to the gig in the uk last week and it was £40 with an unknown support band who played 3 tracks, Pendulum and The Prodigy are massive bands, maybe not in america i dont know but believe me over here u'd pay £40 - £50 just for those bands alone so i think ur getting a deal, it'l be an awesome gig anyways so i hope u go. good luck.
Here here! I cannot believe it and I don't know if it's even worth paying that much... I thought paying $50-60 for GA back in the day was ridiculous... and now that the economy is still down and LP doesn't have nearly as large of a fan base as they used to, I have no idea how they justified those prices...
I couldn't agree more people. Did you even look at the price for VIP?? $200 and it does not even include admission to the concert. Let's not even go into LPU monthly prices.
Well hey u got off easy when they came to australia ONE ticket was $135 dollars

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