Now that the single has been officially released, I think it only fair we can now begin to critique it. Personally, I love it. It's a great preview for ATS. It reveals how diverse the band is, and how great they are at creating new sounds. I don't think it sounds anything like MTM. Its a whole new direction.


Those who keep complaining that LP has gone mainstream, I completely disagree. Mainstream has become bands sticking to their same old sound. How many bands do you hear nowadays who sound exactly the same? Too many. Look on iTunes what kind of garbage passes for hit music, its rediculous. LP keeps setting the bar higher and higher, and very few can come close to matching them.

And for those who miss the old LP style, its time to move on. You're living in the past if you think LP will ever release anything like Hybrid Theory. Yes it's an amazing album, but the band has moved on. If they stuck to making album after album being exactly like HT, then they would not be recognized as one of the greats. They would fall in with all the rest of these bands that stick to their plain old sound. I'm personally disappointed that more bands don't take LP's approach and try and create something new.


Nice work LP, beautifully crafted single - can't wait for the full album.


*Oh, and lets try and keep it to constructive criticism.

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To be honest, it did sound VERY chaotic to me.
I agree with you 100%. Plus it doesn't mean this song is gonna sound like all the songs that will be on the album.
It is good to see Hahn got his scratch back. I love the new single, I think its pretty epic
This song surprised me a little at first, I wasn't really expecting that. But I LOVE it!!! The piano part when Mike is singing is very beautiful. It sounds so different from what they've done in the past, and it's awesome! Makes me want to hear the rest of the album...
"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results." - Anon. ...and exraordinary results you did achieve LP with "The Catalyst". I love the direction you are going with your music. Stay true to yourselves and don't worry about the naysayers.

Thank you for the awesome music you have created over the years.
I've always been a big fan of LP, and I condone their growth and stylistic change. I think its unfair to say that they've "gone mainstream" when they have been from the start -- multi-platinum selling albums tends to be a good indicator of the mainstream. They've always put an immense effort into making music their way, and it happens that people enjoy it.

However, I can only hope The Catalyst is some sort of joke. Its not that I don't like the new direction -- I'd love it if they made quality music like this, but they failed miserably to make a unified song with any musical value. It sounds like a half-hearted mashup of an overproduced techno song and a rock ballad. I know they can do better, and I really hope the rest of the album is more coherent.
how was this song "beautifully crafted"? It sounds like 2 different songs with the same repeating chorus thrown together. no bridge, no rapping, no anything. terrible song
PFF Heres the fangirl "Oh i luv Mikes voice so cuuuuuuuuuuute"

This song is SHIT, it sucks, its a letdown. for gods sake LP, the rest of the album CANNOT be like this.

segolene said:
This song surprised me a little at first, I wasn't really expecting that. But I LOVE it!!! The piano part when Mike is singing is very beautiful. It sounds so different from what they've done in the past, and it's awesome! Makes me want to hear the rest of the album...
I agree with you Mickey. I was 20 when Hybrid Theory came out and I felt like I was growing with the band. But, after hearing The Catalyst, which I enjoyed, I still felt a little disappointed. I felt a little too old for the techno/club feel and wondered if they're reaching out to a younger crowd. I also felt like I was listening to one of Mike's side projects, with Chester's vocals. I love Mike, I can't think of anyone with more talent, but was expecting to hear Linkin Park as a whole. One of the best things about LP was how they were able to make things blend together and sound like nothing else. When Minutes to Midnight came out, it sounded pretty divided, which worried me a little. (Still sounded great though!) I don't know what the rest of A Thousand Suns sounds like, but assumed the song they chose as the single will give a good idea of it. It sounds to me more like a fun Reanimation type thing, that wasn't really meant to be a brand-new Linkin Park album that we've all been waiting for. You can still tell that it's Linkin Park, but it's lacking the individual band members blended talent, that I felt put them above everyone else. Of course I will still listen and love them, because I know who they are...but if I were hearing them for the first time, I wouldn't get hooked like I did back then. (I can't believe I just said that.)
As far as "The Catalyst" goes, i agree it lacks the cohesiveness of older LP tracks, but i love the new vibe they've brought to the table! In my mind it's reminiscent of the epic remixes on Reanimation and the electro feel of "Breaking the Habit," mixed with a fresh edge of relevance ushering us into a new decade of music. Also, i dont necessarily think that "The Catalyst" will reflect on the overall vibe of the album; no doubt it will be in a similar vein but i expect to see more rock-orientated songs, albeit will a fresh twist that LP always manages to deliver. This is definitely looking to be a step away from anything else LP has done in the past, yet with that familiar feel and sound that LP has maintained in their entire career, despite the contrasts of MTM in comparison to the two preceding albums. Either way, the single is an accessible tune, ready to amp up both stadiums and raves alike! Cant wait for September 14th =P
Mike Shinoda under arrest? In the part "Left me up, let me go..." i hear sometimes:

"FBI, Let me go" ;).
There are points where it just sounds like 2 different songs to me. Like a techno beat with a rock singer. I mean I'm not saying it's bad exactly, but just that it sounds a little funny to me. I like Blackbirds more than The Catalyst. And before MTM came out they had the Qwerty song that to me was 100% the same style as Hybrid Theory and Meteora and I was expecting much of the same with MTM so I was disappointed at first but the album grew on me. I've already pre-ordered the CD/DVD so I'm going to be listening and supporting regardless

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