Now that the single has been officially released, I think it only fair we can now begin to critique it. Personally, I love it. It's a great preview for ATS. It reveals how diverse the band is, and how great they are at creating new sounds. I don't think it sounds anything like MTM. Its a whole new direction.


Those who keep complaining that LP has gone mainstream, I completely disagree. Mainstream has become bands sticking to their same old sound. How many bands do you hear nowadays who sound exactly the same? Too many. Look on iTunes what kind of garbage passes for hit music, its rediculous. LP keeps setting the bar higher and higher, and very few can come close to matching them.

And for those who miss the old LP style, its time to move on. You're living in the past if you think LP will ever release anything like Hybrid Theory. Yes it's an amazing album, but the band has moved on. If they stuck to making album after album being exactly like HT, then they would not be recognized as one of the greats. They would fall in with all the rest of these bands that stick to their plain old sound. I'm personally disappointed that more bands don't take LP's approach and try and create something new.


Nice work LP, beautifully crafted single - can't wait for the full album.


*Oh, and lets try and keep it to constructive criticism.

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It doesn't matter how someone pigeon holes this record Trance Techno Electrica...I still can't buy in to this song. It is not about broadening horizons and musical tastes, if you don't like a song then years down the road you still wont like it, there is no growing on me!!!
Usually I'm not much into this kind of music but I think that The Catalyst is one hell of a song: fresh, raw, painfully intense. Also the lyrics have depth. For me, it is yet another proof of their versatility, and I am really looking forward to ATS.
I agree. I heard from many other fans . Some of them doesn't like the new song. But for me, it's great, as many other song of LP. Looking forward to hearing more!
Honestly I didn't expect that LP has lycris like "God bless us".But I agree with you too.Anyway I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.LP for ever.
at first i think this song was weird. wondered why i felt weird, i started listening to it again and again and then...I FELT IN LOVE WITH THE SONG! so i totally agree with u. i like the new LP, and can't wait for ATS.
I fully agree with your opinion. I loved Meteora and Hybrid Theory, but they just couldn't keep on making a Hybrid Theory 2 or a Meteora 2. I think they reached all the limits of that sound and they needed to move away. They aren't kids anymore, their musical tastes have grown since then, and the sum of all that gave birth to Minutes to Midnight, a great album that I enjoyed from beginning to end. Many people didn't like it, because it didn't have a lot of rapping or heavy guitar riffs in every song. I am a fan of hip hop and heavy metal, but I understand that the band needed to move on.

Now I have embraced the sound they created in Minutes to Midnight and I realized that no matter what elements these guys use to make music, it has their signature sound. Now when I hear The Catalyst it sounds like LP, just presented in a different way, with a new "face". I really like it even though it was "strange" at first. I just can't wait to hear the other 14 songs...

And finally, this goes for the new-LP-sound-haters, this is a band that tries to come up with something new in every work, not just repeating over and over the same sound like Slayer (I like Slayer, but I have to recognize it...). LP tries to pierce your brain with new sounds and structures, breaking the concept of music in our heads, something that we will experience with A Thousand Suns.
This song makes history. It's theme makes it unique among all the others and the sound is very innovative. Finally I get to hear a song in which Mike's voice is totally unleashed, just like Chester's.

You guys are complaining because you want the "old LP" back. I've listened it for a few times and I realized that the techno effects make the song a little similar to " Breaking the habit". Yet again that may be just me.

I like the song as it is but in my opinion, the last part could use a little more e-guitar. That's the only critic from me.

Linkin Park is doing a great job, I can't wait to hear the rest of the stuff. Now I want to apologize for this but after you post your answer here please take your time and post an answer to my discussion. The link is bellow. Thx!!
Great to read positive comments.

It is so natural to change... It would be really sad if all the artists would stick to the same ideas throughout their careers, and even more of a tragedy if their fanbase could force them to do so.

Of course everybody is entitled to an opinion, and I can understand why some devoted fans find the new direction shocking. But if you have any appreciation for the band at all, you should realize that whatever they do, they're doing their thing - something that they feel right. Being a musician is different from being jukebox that safely lives up to every expectation the listener has.
I agree with nosilence,

Its unreasonable to assume that after 10 years the guys are going to be making the exact same style of music. Most bands out there change, most artists of any genre change. I looked at some of my other fav bands... RHCP went from psychodelic rap/rock/funk to general rock, Incubus went from crazy electro funk rock to indi rock, Bloc Party went from indi rock to electro/dance/rock, The Killers went from glam indi rock to some crappy country/electro style. They ALL change!! Not all for the better mind you but Im really surprised there are so many peeps hating on LP after one single!

Personally I like the direction. Especially when you consider the other possible directions they could have gone. This way seems edgy and cool as if to say fuk u to mainstream radio. And if you ask me that reminds me of Hybrid Theory more than MTM.
I have to say I was a huge LP fan but this new song sucks, just like the minutes to midnight CD. I was so disappointed when i bought that CD and now by the sounds of this weak piece of crap I will not buy there new CD. They need to go back to the screaming and less of this pop Crap...
Kingofblades said:
Oh Really? Ever heard of Death Magnetic by Metallica, after the awfulness that was St. Anger, (which also was coincedently produced by Rick Rubin)?

1a. Metallica went back to thrash metal stylings after about 16 years of experimenting with different things including blues, southern rock, playing with a Symphony Orchestra and even a little bit of psychadelia and country.

1b. Even so, Death Magnetic is only a "return to roots" on the surface, dig a little deeper and you find influences from all eras of Metallica from Kill ' Em All right through St Anger + something new.

2. Bob Rock produced St Anger, not Rick Rubin.

Bands should have no problem going back to their roots to at the very least develop and refine their original sound.

Except of course when bands don't want to revisit their roots. Like it or not, this is where LP want to go.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Catalyst, but stop with the BS "of changing their sound to not appear mediocre", no one would be complaining if we had 2 additional albums full of music like Meteora/HT.. FACT

I'd certainly be complaining (So you're little "fact" there is now null.). HT was a good album and proved a commercial success so the label (and a lot of the fans) put pressure on LP (and LP then caved) to make Meteora into a Hybrid Theory clone. It really shows on the record, it's incredibly formulaic, over-written and over-produced. The life was beaten out of it.
I'm absolutely delighted we aren't getting another HT-like album. I'm also delighted that LP are pushing away from the commercial side of things now and just writing what they want.

This is a concept album

No, A Thousand Suns is not a concept album. Read, watch or listen to any interview with Mike from the past year, he straight out says it isn't.

slim757 said:
I have to say I was a huge LP fan but this new song sucks, just like the minutes to midnight CD. I was so disappointed when i bought that CD and now by the sounds of this weak piece of crap I will not buy there new CD. They need to go back to the screaming and less of this pop Crap...

Right because the likes of SIB, WID or Numb aren't the slightest bit poppy.... :eyeroll:
And The Catalyst isn't pop.
did not like "The Catalyst" at all. now even though im a hardcore LP fan that misses the old LP (Hybrid Theory,Meteora) i still somewhat enjoyed Minutes to Midnight, but this new single wasnt very good. Minutes to Midnight was diffferent but still pretty good. This was too different it was actually really gay and mainsteam-like and almost completely techno

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