For all of the people who complain about Linkin Park's departure of their "old-style", I believe fans of "A Thousand Suns" can tell you all that you may or may not like the new album.

Obviously, Linkin Park is not going to go back to their "formula-based, nu-metal" sound because they do not want to rehash on what they have already done nor make their albums sound exactly the same as the previous. They want to keep moving forward and make music that sounds fresh and keeps them interested.

Mostly, all the people who dislikes them since "Minutes to Midnight," have been calling the band a "sell out". I believe selling out means you're doing music for commercial success. I don't believe the direction they are going in is selling out. If they we're to sell out, they would be making "Hybrid Theory" again so they can make  more money for themselves and the record label. I don't think Linkin Park cares about money or the number of copies an album makes. 

There was an interview and Mike said that the first two albums weren't really "Linkin Park" because they felt trapped inside of their own box and there wasn't really creative freedom. If they were to keep doing the same formula, it'll be boring for them and to us. Even if they made a "Hybrid Theory" Part 2, many of you will complain such as, "Oh, same old Linkin Park, they have been doing this for 10 or so years. It's boring. Is that all they can do?" Also, they are getting older, their music taste has changed. Chester's voice will wear out as he gets older so why force them to make another Hybrid Theory and wear out his voice in every song that has "Screaming". 

I find it amusing when I see comments like, "What happened to their hairstyles? and baggy clothes? they suck, etc" It's funny that people judge a band whether or not they're talented based on how they dress/look. They are getting older. Hybrid Theory and Meteora, as the band states, they were kids back then. Now they are in their 30s, and they are more mature, and most already started a family.

I remembered Chester saying, "If you like this album, then that's good. If you don't, then go find something else that you like and listen to it"

I don't really care if the new album does make a commercial success or not. All I want is for them to keep doing what they're doing and make music that sounds new and fresh, which keeps us fans interested.

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I think that it's great that Linkin Park experiment and try out new sounds and styles! They've been doing music for over 10 years and I believe they have to try new stuff if they want to keep making music (hopefully they will for a very long time!!!) I've been a fan since Hybrid Therory which was a great album but personally I think they finally found their style on Minutes to Midnight (my favorite album!) I have no doubt that a new album will be just as great as all the others. :D

The thing is, when you came up with Linkin Park and you heard Hybrid Theory it was fucking amazing.  It was new, it was the best of the numetal genre, no other band could touch it.  Meteora followed up, amazing, every track on both of those albums were incredible and still sound great when I play them today, years and years later and they will stand on there own for years to come.  Minutes to midnight was there worst album, and I understand why, it was in the middle of there process of change, perfection to that change was made with a thousand suns.  Problem with those is most people, especially long time fans, can not press play and listen to every track and love every track with minutes to midnight, A Thousand suns got much better and closer to there new direction while maintaining an album that you can listen to from start to finish.  I still skip songs every once in a while, but to me that is what makes a great album, start to finish every song is epic.  HT and METEORA accomplished that.  Then they fell off, didnt sell out thats for sure I agree, and then A thousand suns they stepped up and reinvented themselves and did a good job with it.  I dont want a Hybrid Theory 2, but I dont want a Minutes to Midnight either. Hybrid Theory connected with the youth, they were problems they faced and us that were growing up grew with them and could understand the feelings, concepts and lyrics/sound of those two albums.  They have grown and are now hitting hot topics, more knowledge, hard hitting social concepts, deeper songs, better written songs but they still have to hit the hard songs of crawling, one step closer, high voltage and get that sound into there newer style and back to more of Mike Rapping as well.  Like blackbirds.  The balance was much better on A Thousand Suns then it was on Minutes to Midnight which is where LP lost a lot of there fans, it was too long of a break for an album and too fast and major of a change.  I hope there new album stays strong with a mix of blackbirds, catalyst, crawling, my december all rolled into one album with 15 songs.

screw those lengthy comments.....LINKIN PARK FOR LIFE !!! \m/ ^^ \m/  says it all

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