I must say, that i am dissapointed (but not surprised) in all the people who can't accept that Linkin Park is Dynamic and truely creative.  It is this quality that has compelled me to listen to them since Hybrid Theory, because as ive been growing and developing as a person, they have too.  They do not limit themselves by the expectations of others, nor a single genre, sound, or message; they are true to themselves and ever-evolving.


I would like to hear your thoughts on this, but heres my bottom line; If your looking for the Sound of HT, Meteora, and the old LP, feel free to listen to the epic sound of those albums.  But keep in mind, your limiting yourself, by bashing the new, and/or clinging to the past;  and by doing so, your deaf to the inspiring and revolutionary message there trying to get across.  I guess, "ignorance is bliss".


In my opinion, this is one of there best albums.  I love how they transition into songs and their message of Hope and change is inspiring!


Thats my 2 cents,  lets hear yours =D

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Well, to be really straight to you, I don't think you get what most of these dissapointed people are saying.

Anywhere I read, I see a massive wall of topics made by people not liking the new album. A group of them are, just like me, fans since 2000. We did not become fans because Mike laughs so funny or Chesters haircut. We became fans because the way their message was put out attracted us. All of us would love an album like HT/Meteora because it's how we got to know them, but we are all realistic enough that you need to keep evolving and shpwing creativity.

- Reanimation showed creativity
- Jay-Z mash up showed creativity
- Fort Minor album showed creativity
- Dead by Sunrise showed creativity
- Their early LPU demos showed creativity

With all these things they stuck to their roots. They kept a little identity of themselves, even tho they were doing something different from what they normally would. But now, A Thousand Suns... You say that people not liking ATS are limiting themselves. In what to be exact? I still love LP since one album can't just break the 10 years or joy I have had and many bands have had both good and bad albums.

Metallica didn't limit themselves and teamed up with a symphony orcestra. Every single song was new in their way, but you could still feel it's Metallica (yes I know, old songs we already knew). I love Linkin Park to experiment, but they lost so much identity that it feels like they ignored a massive part of their fanbase.

Seen how many people regged to post here for the first time (and as they said maybe last time)? People who think LP is a decent band wouldn't have bothered to come here, it's fans who have been listning to LP for a long time. They don't recognize LP at all. It can't be just the fans limiting themselves man.
I respect your opinion and appreciation for the new style, but I have to say that I agree to an extent with both groups here. Now, in the defense of us who think old-school LP was the best, a style of music is not something that is forced on anyone. Some people just like heavy guitars, bass, drums, and "nu-metal" type music that was associated with LP's first two records. There's nothing wrong with "limiting yourself" as to what styles you prefer, it's just based on opinion.

This is why I disagree when people get defensive about the new style and say "Hey, if you don't like it, listen to HT and Meteora!"... so, does that mean if you don't like the record, then you're not allowed to give your opinion on it? No, that's ridiculous. A lot of fans wanted the old style, they didn't get it, and they are voicing their disapproval... nothing wrong with that... just like there's nothing wrong with people saying "Hey, I understand you're more of an early LP fan, but I happen to like the new style." Although, I did see a couple of ridiculous comments from people saying things like "Eat sh*t LP, I used to love you now I HATE you!".. I mean now THAT is ridiculous and unnecessary.

I, for one, like a bunch of songs on this latest record a lot (Wretches & Kings, Iridescent, Blackout, The Messenger). I have tastes that aren't limited to their old-style, but I honestly prefer the old-style if I had to choose. Now, I understand and respect Linkin Park's opinion on the situation. They thought "Wait, why do we have to conform to a genre that people think we are? Let's change it up and do what WE want." and I totally agree with that... but what they have to understand is that some people may not like it since they are used to one particular genre... and there is nothing wrong with that. The fact that LP went out and took that risk deserves a lot of respect in my opinion, even if some really dislike what they put out.
Hey, i really apreciate your views on this guys. I have to agree i was expecting LP to go back to there roots, but was not dissapointed because i have an ear that like's most music; except mindless pop music and senseless screaming we hear all the time now adays, but thats beside the point. Im sure that LP will adress this divide in fan's soon if not already, and id like to hear what they have to say. And again i thank you for the opinions, it helps me balance my own. Later =D
Yeah man, it's good to hear some different opinions on the new record. Honestly, I wouldn't expect the band to address the situation since I am sure they expected this to happen. I mean part of why they decided to go in this different direction was because they didn't just want to make a record that sounded like their old stuff.

With regard to what Edwin was saying about each LP project being creative, I have to say that some of the LP demos were so good that I am wondering why they weren't on the official records. Two in particular: one was "She Couldn't", an early Hybrid Theory demo but I had heard Mike blogging about it saying they didn't release it officially and couldn't comment further due to copyright reasons. I think there was a recurring part in the song from another group. Second demo was "Across the Line" from the LPU 9 CD which was recorded during MTM. That song is one of my favorites and I am curious as to why they didn't include that on MTM.

I'm sure you're a big fan of LP so you've probably searched the web looking for any unreleased tracks you may have missed... that's exactly what I do because I am such a huge fan but, if you haven't heard those two songs, I strongly suggest giving them a listen.
Ya, i kinda do agree with u that they may not comment on the divide of fans. One of my theorys as to why they have changed their sound and lightened their style is that it apeals to a larger crowd, therefore getting there message further out in the average population. I can see a few of the songs on this album appealing to Pop fans, which dominate new music atm with their sheer number! Ive heard people say that they sound like Nsync and Back stree boys now...I think thats kinda out of line because honestly, i have never heard pop songs that dont sing about T&A, Sex, fony romance, and obsession over superficial image. They are breaking the boundries and getting there message out further which i truly admire. But there i go again ranting on lol. And Thank You so much for telling me bout those demos, i have not heard them yet and gonna check em out right now!!! ^_^

ill let u know what i think!
I accept that Linkin Park want to be dynamic and creative in their music, which is good, but when you take a complete turn from the norm, from what you are known for there is going to be kick back. Don't get me wrong, I have like LP since the start, there are some songs on the first albums I do not like. I for one do not appreciate Chester screaming, and do however love the cross over songs.

But if I wanted to listen to electronic music I would have become a Gary Newman fan, or bought every Human League album, I loved LP music because of the cross over of rap and rock. I have not bought the new album, and will not. Because it is not to my taste, fine if other fans out there love it that is an individual's right.

The pity of this whole thing is the adolescence, of fans who are flaming people because they have said they do not like it. I reiterate that it is an individuals choice to like or not like.
Emma, you hit the nail right on the head with the fans who get angry when people don't like the new style.

People don't put albums out and say "Hey, you better like this!" That is just pure stupidity. Music is up for individual interpretation in different ways, whether it be a style, instrument, whatever. If old-school fans don't like it, that's fine... I want to hear their opinions, like I also want to hear from the people who like the new style. Like I said before, I am in between those two groups but, ultimately, I prefer the old style if I had to choose.

Erik - In my opinion, "She Couldn't" takes that second listen to truly appreciate how different it was for the band at that time... that song is very well done, but the real gem you have been missing out on all this time is "Across the Line". I'm willing to bet when you've listened to that song a couple of times, you are going to ask yourself, "Wait, how was this not on MTM?!?!" I would love to ask the band why they didn't include it.

I couldnt agree with you more....it is the artist right...prerogative to allow themselves to grow and I feel that the guys have done this brilliantly...admirably..not bowing to commercial trends and sticking with what they know is "accetpable" or "expected"....but pushing the boundaries...and the album is an absolute master piece!!!!

Look mate, I am new here...looking for like minded LP fans to chat so if you want to add me feel free.
Chris i really apreciate your opinion, and i like how we see eye to eye. ill add you once i figure out how rofl xD

Jeff, "she couldn't" actually sounds more like this album then HT lol. But i do have a hunch on why they didn't include it, not only because it was far softer then there first album, but some of it sounds familure....i cant put my finger on it tho lol.

And omg, "Across the Line" is EPIC, i agree why the hell wasn't it put on MTM!! They did delay the Release of MTM twice, the latter being that they removed 5 of the original 17 tracks from the album before the debut. But they really shoulda kept that one T_T
Yeah man, that song is SICK! As far as "She Couldn't" is concerned, Mike blogged about it saying it wasn't released officially and, didn't comment further, perhaps due to copyright reasons. There is a recurring part in the song from another artist, not sure who though. I agree that song is a better fit for ATS than HT, but very cool either way.

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