do not be indifferent! Save the life of a woman sentenced to death for blasphemy!

Asiia Bibi  has been sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy.

According to the working colleagues report  she said:

"Jesus died for us on the Cross, and what Mohammed has done for you ?"

And that sentence was the reason for the accusation of blasphemy.

Each of us can help  to fight for the life of this woman not  leaving home.
Just send an email (with content that is below) at the 2 addresses:

You can read more at:

Here is a finished sample letter to the President of Pakistan.

To Mr Asif Ali Zardari,
The President of Pakistan

Mr. President,

Asia Bibi’s death sentence is not just a sentence, it is a State crime. Therefore I hope you will not permit that, not only because of your sense of justice but also because it is badly affecting the reputation of your country.

Please intervene as soon as possible to reduce pain Asia Bibi and her family are suffering. Moreover the constant deliberate persecution of Pakistani Christians through the law on blasphemy is offending the Almighty God more than any human being.


(signature:your  full name)

Please remember that sending this mail you can save the life of a poor Pakistani woman.

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it is very terrible and awful that these things happen nowadays

Please, write posts when you send e-mail.


This will help more people know about Asia Bibi 's fate.

And the more people send e-mails, the greater the chances of saving her live!

I've already sent 2 e-mails, and YOU?

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