I'm a amateur singer, and i was just wondering, do we have any singers here? 

Write here :DD

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Yes, I'm one and I know one or two others here too :)

Nicee :) 

If you have any videos on yt, or whatever, share it here with us :)


No videos as yet, and my songs aren't fully edited and mixed ready for hearing by everyone - hopefully they'll be ready by end of year (yes, I know, long time to wait :( ). If you wanna share yours, go ahead! :) :) :) Hope you're having a nice time :)
I going to buy a system for recording songs, at the end of the month i hope, and then i'll record some songs of LP and post the links here ;)
Sounds good!!! :) :) :) Look forward to hearing them :) :)

But we now that all LPs songs are difficult to sing... :D I'll try to do it  ;D


Very true - look forward to hearing your efforts :) :) :)

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