In a statement on the website appeared to suggest that being critical of some of the songs the LP is tantamount to being a bad fan, because the role of fans is supporting the team.

For me it is an expression of naivete, because if you see that your friend is sinking into dependence you try  help him
somehow and turn him out of the way which will lead him to death. So just follow a good friend!

My criticism of the ATS due to the fact that I am convinced that it is the way of degradation of the LP, as I
already explained  in other threads.

Recent statements suggest that the next album will be back for more rock sound and I hope there's some real merit us the true
fans of LP  who tried to show the evil inherent in the ATS.

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Being critic isn't wrong definitly... But some fans are making themselvs important saying some words that will defend LP from critics, and then, they are all big fans...Big fans? hahaha :D topic about new album... ;)

I agree with Kathy. 

If different things are done, like music, unconventionality for a band like LP, there will always be a part that will not like. But there has limitations to criticize.

KATHYxx said:

Being a critic is not bad.

Being an unconstructive critic is bad.

Also, phrasing a subjective opinion like it was objective fact is bad. So is making up objective sounding facts to justify your opinion (I don't like ATS. therefore ATS is evil. BZZT. Logic fail.).


The thing is, music is a very subjective thing. Saying ATS is the "degradation of the LP" or "evil" like you somehow determined that objectively is that kind of stupid crap that gets people upset with you. Realize that your opinion is only opinion, and nothing more.

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