Do you think that Mike and Chester can achieve more as artists in LP than in solo albums?

Generally, previous albums could be considered as more balanced in terms of Mike and Chester's
looking at the art.
As  ATS shown  the  expression of artistic vision was imbalance onto Mike's vision.
Someone may be wondering what's wrong with that?
So the evil lies in the fact that those members of LP, who are closer to Chester's vision of music, may feel
unfulfilled, and if the balance in the team will not return to normal in
the future to go away.
I think both Mike and Chester would be better to stay in LP, because in the clash of their artistic view  lies the strength of LP.
In pursuing their solo projects they were deprived of the element of artistic motivation and fallen into a kind of artistic laziness because both Mike in the FM and Chester  in the DBS act masters roles and
none of their teams did not dare say a word of criticism.
Unfortunately,  for  Chester's vocal potential, the lack of a strong opponent made the album of DBS,  is not as good as  could be  with
such a voice
And here you see a perfectly well-known regularity of the lack of strong competition causes depletion in quality. And it is also the reason, both Axl and Slash  solo albums  are not as interesting as  Guns N' Roses.
 On  Chester and Mike mutual discussionsand  gain themselves and the whole LP.

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The 'mike' factor brings in the roughness, the upbeat tempo, the raps and the rugged appearance of the album.
He also is a wonderful producer, and creatively provides for the other band members.
Chester is the lead.(According to me) till date, cause its his AMAZING vocals that add the spice and flavor to LinkinPark.
His screaming, soft vocal or lazy melody(Waiting fr th end) brings in the exception to linkin park, from other nu-metal-rap-hard-rock bands.

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