How it will be: an image is cut in five parts and they’ll be on LPAmerican pages. One by one, every Sunday.

The mission is to find a piece as quickly as possible. We have a website with a large content so we’ll give some tips in our Twitter (@lpamerican). So it’s important follow us.

After you find a piece, you must to send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
as quickly as possible with the image that you found.

Who will win?
Each piece that a participant send will assert an amount of points
according the order of sending. So, the faster you send, more points
you’ll have.


The 1st that sent: 100 points
The 2nd that sent: 70 points
The 3th that sent: 50 points
The 4th that sent: 35 points
The 5th that sent: 30 points
The 6th that sent: 25 points
The 7th that sent: 20 points
The 8th that sent: 15 points
The 9th that sent: 10 points
The 10th that sent: 05 points


Every Sunday a piece of the image will be in our website. In the total will be five (one for each Sunday). The winner will be the person who added more points. You’re not obliged to send the five pieces but
will have more chances if you do it.

ATENCION:  You need to send the pieces with your full name and always with the same e-mail. This is our control.

This is the completed image:



Each piece has a code, so is impossible to cheat us.



But what I'll win with all this?

LPU 1.0
Hybrid Theory EP (Re-Release)

01. Carousel
02. Technique (Short)
03. Step Up
04. And One
05. High Voltage
06. Part Of Me

Released: Novembro 20th, 2001
Format: CD
Label: MixMedia

Hybrid Theory is the first EP by Linkin Park, then known as Hybrid Theory. Recorded and self-released in May 1999, later that year, the band changed its
name to Linkin Park and Hybrid Theory was re-mixed and
remastered for another limited release in 2001, with minor changes in
the credits and artwork for members of Linkin Park's fan club.



Sunday (28/11) will happen the second round of the contest.

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sorry, but the HTEP is already mine

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