Do you want LP to respect the cultural boycott of apartheid Israel ?

As an LP fan i am shocked and disappointed that they are planning to play Tel Aviv.


Millions of fans definitely feel the same thing. Tel Aviv is the Sun City of today (those who experienced the apartheid in South Africa say what happens in Palestine and Israel is much, much worse).Would LP have gone to South Africa to entertain the white-only crowd, not caring about the rest of the population? I dont think so.


Playing Israel is for people who dont have a prob with war crimes, apartheid, ethnic cleasing and crimes against humanity.In my opinion, if LP want to keep their fans, they need to very clearly say NO to all these crimes and cancel the show in Tel Aviv.


When the occupation of Palestine ends, when the Palestinian refugees are allowed to come back to their homeland (something that Israel has prevented for more than 60 years now), when the Jews and the non-Jews have equal rights and international law is respected in all its aspects, you will be more than welcome to visit the place. Until then, Israel should be a no-go zone for you, unless you are willing to be used to whitewash their crimes.

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