I signed up for a monthly membership for $10 so I could get access to the first day of the pre-sale, I was wondering does this automatically renew or do I have to renew it manually? Any information would be great! Thanks!

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From past LPU, when your membership was about to expire, they would let you know, either by checking your account online or they would send you an email. It was up to you to renew it. In the membership, it gives you the date that it ends. So, I think it's up to you to come back in a month to renew or just get the annual one.
Ok, that's what I thought! Thanks for the info! :)
MadLPSOLDIERx is correct-- the monthly memberships do not renew automatically and you need to come back and renew it yourself. You should get an email letting you know it's about to expire though,

Hope this helps!

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