Linkin park got me into rock and I loved their style it was differnt and amazing. Their new album is just plain bad to me. I expected a real good album but it was the opposite :( is it just me or the new album does suck?

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for me too ;(
no dude it's not only's just every single person who loved lp's big tracks from meteora and hybrid theory....and i agree with you 100%...the new cd sucks...this is not lp....hope this album will not be so popular and lp understand that they have been made to play music like meteora and hubrid theory...lp have become popular by meteora...they have to understand that and get used to it...the crowd doen't want a dj stuff to be lp new album...hope lp understand that...thanks a lot...
Is like all the albums, a lot of people like it and a lot of others no....

To my opinion is a great album, is different and just amaizing ;)

Lp 4 EVER !!!!!!

Sry for my english
Yeah LP deffinatley took a step backwards on this album. I consider myself a huge linkin park fan, but i dont like 90% of the songs on here. I listened to the songs online and i just couldnt understand why they would make something like this. I know they wanted to try new stuff and im all for that but some of these songs i just dont get. Im beting when Linkin Park first made their band, they didnt want to be know as a soft techno band, but thats what they've become. Linkin Park will always be best at the hard stuff. They started their careers on heavy, but unique rock. I dont mind most of their softer songs, but not a whole album of it. Although i am a big LP fan so im gonna buy the album. Idk maybe if i listen to it enough times it might grow on me, but i never had to do that with they're last albums cause I loved them the first time i heard them.
it definitely not u LP is the reason i listen 2 music n i expected more from them. they delivered the past 3 albums but this was a big disappointment. i dont feel like this is an album, more like an experiment wit different styles of editing but the verdict, not good
It's not just you. It's you and the people who don't have the same taste in music as the people who do like it. I really don't understand how so many people can be so immature as to assume that their likes and dislikes speak for everyone. This also goes for the idiots that say an LP fan has to like everything they put out. I mean, really, this is why we mature fans get a bad name.
I didn't like ATS when I first listened to it... Didn't like it too the second, thirst, then started to "see" the point of the album and after a bunch of listening, starting to enjoy many songs (I just can't bear "The Catalyst" and it's 90s techno sound...).
Maybe you can do like I did, and maybe you'll enjoy this album ? In fact I did the same thing with MTM, but I didn't have to listen to it so many times to enjoy it.
I agree, it totally sucked.

Bring back the Nu metal sound. You conformist fagots
It's not just you.

Experimenting is good, tho this experiment went bad.
Blackbirds actually sounded ok, pity they didn't try to take that kinda song and lay a whole album based on that kinda sound.
they wanted to change,thats what they choose,people should more respect it and get used to it,instead of complain about it,it just wasting time by saying "go back to ur old style",cuz its not gonna change anything,if some people dont like it so thats their problem,they're sounds different yes,but they still sounds good to me,n i enjoy listening to their new sounds,so i have no problem with that,,love it or leave it,its simple,,n please dont say this album suck,its somebody's hardwork thou,at least appreciate it.
Am very disappointed with the new album. I just don’t understand why they need to change a perfectly good sound. We got to know LP from their first albums and were perfect. To me, this is not LP. Why change???

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