Linkin park got me into rock and I loved their style it was differnt and amazing. Their new album is just plain bad to me. I expected a real good album but it was the opposite :( is it just me or the new album does suck?

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I agree that it was a bit disappointing. On all the previous albums there have been quirky and different songs and I have loved nearly every one. However, on this album as I sat listening to it, it never felt like it got going. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed a few songs on ATS, but to me it feels as though something is missing. I understand LP wanting to go in a new direction, I have always loved them because there isn't another band quite like them, but for an album that is different some of the tracks seemed quite similar in one way or another.
Exactly Ella Rossa! A lot of fans don't ask for a HT/Meteora clone but at least something that still holds a proper LP vibe.
i didn't like it at first, but many miles running later with this as my only companion....
i gotta say it's still a little disappointing.some of the tracks promise greatness only to go nowhere.
in its' favour i must say When they come for me is one of the best song they've ever done.Waiting for the end is class also.
my main complaint is the mixing of the album,some of it seems thrown together and the lack of any real guitar riffs/breaks is a great shame.for example:on Iridescent,when you're expecting an explosion in the second chorus you get synthesised clapping(good song otherwise).
in short:a good album,but one that requires patience and(imho) remixing.
one that starts off brilliantly with requiem but ends with a whimper.
LP have always been loyal to their fans,so expect them to right any wrongs as soon as........
Disagree!!! Dont mean to say anything inflammatory...but in answer to your is just you as far as I am concerned!!!!
I like '90s techno! :)
Definitely it's not only you!! you think. . . i thought it was only me!!!
But as i see many of us have the same idea.
At the beginning i tought i bought the wrong album. . .that was not LINKIN PARK!!! i don't want another HT or meteora, but i want LP sond!! i want the magic of chester and mike voices sing togher, i want to listen to rock music, LP rock music. . .i dont know what the new album is or who is playing.
This is not LP!!
Guess its the same as with MTM when it came. Sooo many (sad to say me to) dissliked it at first.
But differens for me with this and MTM is.. this one I realised when listening to Waiting for the end that I had started to enjoy it LoL I wonderd if it was better songs in the end of the album or if it was just me not used to LP sounding like this.. So I listend a second time.. And realised.. it was just me not being used to the sound at first LoL
But with MTM it took me longer to like it. And with MTM I still 'only' like it. Some songs are amazing yes.. but.. it lacks something somehow :/ And that 'something' is back on ATS even though not sounding like the LP one is used to at all.

I Love ATS. But.. guess not all can be like me ;)

<3 <3 <3 ATS <3 <3 <3
This was truly one of the biggest disappointments I have ever heard! That is not music! I am surprised to hear people trying to defend this awful mess. I am sorry the guys of Linkin Park are feeling so lost and confused, they should have just taken more time off. Oh well, we will always have their previous albums to remember them by.
LP will not realize it lol.
When ppl get famous they do what they want not what the people want.
You helped em but no u on yoru own lol. And yup im also one of those who got disappointed by the new album. Was expecting a rock album heh,
lp new album sucks
yes it wasnt what i was expecting but i do like it! I wouldnt go one to say it sucks!!
Linkin Park was never "Nu-Metal", that was a generalized label given to them by MTV. They have always been "Alternative".

Ted Belbin said:
I agree, it totally sucked.

Bring back the Nu metal sound. You conformist fagots

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