Linkin park got me into rock and I loved their style it was differnt and amazing. Their new album is just plain bad to me. I expected a real good album but it was the opposite :( is it just me or the new album does suck?

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Right on Per, i love the emotion and the intensity they provide, if yall get a chance look at a few videos on my  profile and look at my son who one day will replace Chester hahaha, leave some feed back my son would love it
i agree, so commercial ...i loved old songs and albums and i was so dissapointed over that one:S
I think its just you.......Linkin Park is not just about the rock it's really about the art and thats something i really appreciate about them, and thats what makes them Linkin Park. And for me me i think the new album is awesome!
Yes i agree with you Linkin Park is a very dedicated band and the one of the things that i have noticed about them over the years is that they are comstantly eperimenting and trying new things and they work really hard on their music and i greatly admire that about them and i just think that their new album rocks to me. 

Wulan B'dellianAdith said:
they wanted to change,thats what they choose,people should more respect it and get used to it,instead of complain about it,it just wasting time by saying "go back to ur old style",cuz its not gonna change anything,if some people dont like it so thats their problem,they're sounds different yes,but they still sounds good to me,n i enjoy listening to their new sounds,so i have no problem with that,,love it or leave it,its simple,,n please dont say this album suck,its somebody's hardwork thou,at least appreciate it.
I bought the A Thousand Suns today and i listened to it and in my oppinion i thought it was fantastic very well made :)
love the new album. fuck the haters
Whoever made this Topic has no idea how creative artist like LP work.

Love it !!I

I'm new though and listen to all of their albums at quite the same time..

Love the evolution ..Being commercial would be to release 4 meteora-like or hybrid theory-like albums...

And they'd have been bored to death and stopped a long time ago.

Amen Bro, Amen Lolz!

Ethan Levinskas said:

love the new album. fuck the haters
As an you should always keep doing your own thing, and make music you agree with for a fully 100% (if not, you probably can't last it very long)... and I respect that. I really love ATS (as well as the others), and I'm pretty sure the next album will be just as great.
I like it in the sense that it's different than the rest of their albums, but it's definitely not their best. I hope the next one is more like Hybrid Theory.

The first 2 times i listened to the album, I hated it! Now I adore it! Maybe you (the haters) should realize that they made HT over 10 years ago and they have changed, so did their style. I cannot understand why people comment and hate on the new album without even looking up some things, doing 5-10 min research on internet and checking out some interviews. It's not taking so much time. If you really wanted to get an answer to your questions like "Why did they change?" or "What happened?" then check the interviews. The guys have said everything. They know that they have many haters out there only because of ATS, but every awesome thing comes with many haters. If you do not like one thing, it's ok, but when you start talkng bad about it, then you should have a good reason for it. I'll be honest with you, every time I read a comment like "I want the next album to be like TH", I know that this person likes only the reeeealy old songs LP made and that's all. I do not want to insult anyone here, we are all fans, but check things before you talk about them. cheers!


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