Linkin park got me into rock and I loved their style it was differnt and amazing. Their new album is just plain bad to me. I expected a real good album but it was the opposite :( is it just me or the new album does suck?

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"it's insane to think that people who loved HT and Meteora would enjoy ATS."
I'm going to stop you there and call your bluff. I loved Hybrid Theory as well as A Thousand Suns. The music isn't as hard, sure. But the lyrics and the soul is powerful. Just because you don't have the depth of understanding to comprehend what you hear and realize it as amazing and pure, that doesn't mean you can say their new album sucks. I honestly think I loved it more than any of their other stuff. It was intense and awe-inspiring. Try to find music that holds this type of soul. Sure, you can do it, but there's not much out there. Linkin Park has and always will be my favorite band, alongside Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, and many others. You need to rephrase your little "IMHO" to "IMDUO" for "In My Derrogatory and Unneccesary Opinion."


I suppose I phrased that wrong, mybad. What i mean is, you can't expect someone who liked HT to be able to appreciate ATS. It's a different sound, and it's no surprise so many fans feel alienated by it. In response to your points, "amazing and pure" is an opinion, not something to be "realized". Don't assume that I don't get it just because I don't like it. I would also like to point out that no where in my last post did I say the album sucks. I would not call my opinion derogatory, and I don't think an opinion is ever unnecessary. Also I have found LOADS of music that had a more profound impact on me that this with more emotion behind it. My final issue is that Lyrics CANNOT carry an album. I would say that lyrics wise LP is at the top of their game. I think this albums reliance on lyrics over music is what makes it run out of steam so quickly for me. 


Oh on a different note, TDWP slays.

I really liked the new album. This is good when the band are experimenting. I love everything new and fresh. all the songs from the album interesting. I love it :)
you all are afraid of change, i think the album is great but not the best!! Just sayin!!

I am not afraid of change, some of my favorite albums are those when a band's sound changes (Reroute to Remain, Natural Born Chaos to name a few). This was, in my opinion, a turn for the worse.

What did you guys think of The Messenger? I think it's probably the worst song they were did. Chester's voice is not suited to acoustic.


The Messenger is one of the best songs on that album. Its a powerful song to anyone that has been thru some shit. For me it hits home!
I dunno, kinda think he over sings it.
at the end yea, could of found some lyrics to replace the screaming but all in all i love the song from the first time i heard it! but music is all an opinion! some will like it, others will love it! I went to the concert in St.Paul on Jan 28th and I wish they would of played that one but they didint!!

lucky. LP seem to refuse to play shows in my city.


I live in Iowa but still had to drive just over 3 hrs to get there but well worth the money and drive time! Id say if they come close make it a road trip and I gurantee you will not forget it
Linkin park means different, they pride themselves on changing things up and not being anyone's "dancing monkey".  They don't like to spoon feed their fans the same thing over and over again. Now about the album. The first time I heard Blackout, I almost lost my mind It seemed so RAW and POWERFUL! What other artist will give you that kind of sound, that kind of intensity and that kind of passion? THAT iz what they always try to put out with every album they release. I think that thoez of you, who don't like the new album, are missing out on the point of WHY LP make'z the kind music that they make. Its not all about sound itz about the meaning behind the sound that matterz to them .....Thatz what I think anyway.

When they started the Catalyst remix competition, before the actual song came out, I was very excited about the new album simply because it was something I hadn't yet heard before. However, the actual song didn't live up to my expectations, and I took a "meh" standpoint to it. Waiting for the End recaptured that excitement for the album, and I really liked the mix of HT/Meteora with MTM, which in combination created something entirely new.


When the album actually released, I was disappointed at first, but that's where I learned that the album cannot be truly understood or enjoyed on a song-by-song basis - it must be experienced as a whole. After buying the album and going from start to finish, I gained new appreciation for it.


While I am a fan of the nu metal sound that brought myself (and many here) to the band in the first place, I commend the band for going out on a limb and trying something fresh and new. 

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