does plus membership increase your chances of meet and greet? tell me which you had

i'm interested to know if the people who have recieved meet n greets in the past had the regular or plus underground package?

also, if i buy 2 memberships, when i rsvp if i get chosen will i automatically get 2 or just 1?

thanks for any help.

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The chances for a M&G are the same for all members. It doesn't matter how many memberships you buy. Your chance of receiving a M&G will be the same, since you are the same person. You simply cannot use a different name for your 2nd membership (if you buy one), because you will not be let to go to the M&G if you are not the person with that name. On the other side the LPU website will not allow you to buy a 2nd membership with the same name. I already tried buying a membership for a friend under my name and it told me that I already have a membership and cannot purchase a second one. So yeah... it makes no sense. Just buy whichever membership you want to and you will have the chances (not monthly membership though)

turns out that's not right, before i read your post, i bought a lpu plus membership and a plus membership under the same account and name. since i had the problem and one was wasted, i asked ground-ctrl and they set the 2nd one up in another account, so i'm all good. thanks for the help though

Wait what? Sorry, if I misled you! Could you tell me more about it? I guess they changed the system. I don't want to mislead anyone else. Sorry once again.

sure. i made a lpu underground account, and when i purchased my underground plus membership, i also purchased the regular membership at the same time. so in my cart i had the 60 dollar membership AND the 25 dollar one. then when i went to sign up for meet and greet etc, realized i only got one entry and only my name could go. SO since i bought the second membership for my friend on my account, it was wasted. ground-ctrl is the company that manages lpu, so i opened a ticket with them, and they set up a new account under my friends name, and transferred one of the memberships from my account to that one. so now she has a chance for the meet and greet, etc. hope that answers any questions.

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