I am praying you see this e-mail for the sake of 14 year old Kyle Rodas.  He has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and he does not have much longer to live. His dying wish is to meet the members of Linkin Park.  I know that your band is very heart filled and I know that if you see this E-Mail you all would try your best to grant this little boys wish!  



Below is a link to the news story.




I myself am a big fan of the band, I have bought all your albums and have been to 3 concerts.  You guys are by far my favorite band and it would mean a lot to me as well if you grant this boys wish. Because I know that meeting Linkin Park would be my dying wish too!




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Hey I have an idea that could maybe help, you could make a video saying what you want to tell linkin park, post it on chester's, mike's, pheonix's, jo's, rob's and brad's wall. Post it everywhere through the community lp forum see if that might get their attention more.

Chester and Rob have visited Kyle at his home last week.  Ozzy also called Kyle and said he will visit the second his EU tour is over.



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