Could anyone please help me.

I understand that with LPU membership, you get early access to the venue. However, this is only applicable for General admission and Seating as per their website (http://lpunderground.com/whatislpu/) under"Early Entry". The website reads:

"Early entry gets you to your seats right away, or a great spot to watch the show from the floor (for GA tickets)"

This means that it is NOT for golden circle?? 

Im from South Africa and never been to a LP event. Could anybody currently in LPU or someone whos been to a show and knows how this works,  please help.  Do you get early access to Golden circle if you are a LPU member? Or do I have to go early and wait in line for a good place.

Thank you in advance. Can't wait to see them LIVE!!

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At the South African shows there are 2 standing options. Golden Circle, which is the closest to the stage and most expensive, and General Admission, which is behind the Golden circle area. I got Golden Circle tickets.

On the LPU website its says early entrance for "GA Tickets". Basically what i want to know: What is GA tickets? General Admission?

I will attach a pic of the stadium layout.


Early entrance could be used for every ticket. It is not restricted to Golden Circle or only for people with a seat. It is for all.

Yes!! Thank you for the reply.
So I can only show the laminate at the show? I did not buy a pre-sale ticket,but got a ticket through South Africa's ticketing company, Computicket. This will not matter as the lanyard and laminate is all I need. Is that correct?

Yes, you just have to carry your laminate with you :)

Quick question, If I'm a fan member and my husband is not but we both got tickets can he not come with me for my early entrance?

You can get 1 person with you for the early entrance :)

Perfect... Thanks

Yeah, also looking to get a Standing ticket, but Sold out!!! ???

for which concert?

only the member is allowed to get early entrance...

Q: Who is allowed early entry at shows?
A: All current LPU11 members who have an LPU11 laminate. This is the laminate included in the LPU11 membership package, not a meet & greet laminate, summit laminate or any other kind of laminate.

Q: Can my friend who is not an LPU11 member enter early with me?
A: No. Early entry is for LPU11 members with an LPU11 laminate only. No guests allowed. No exceptions.

Q: Will my old LPU membership card get me early entry?
A: No. Only the LPU11 laminate works for early entry access.

Q: Will my friend/family member be able to purchase an LPU membership outside the venue so they can also enter early?
A: At a select number of shows, I will be on site to sell the $25 memberships to anyone who would like early entry.

Q: How early will we get into the venue?
A: LPU members will be let in just before the general public, about 5-10 minutes early. Early enough to get to the front of the pit (if you have pit tickets), be first in line for merch, or to just walk around without the huge crowd.

Q: Will LPU members with early entry get pit access?
A: You MUST have a pit ticket for pit access. Your LPU11 laminate does not get you access to the pit or anywhere else.

Q: Where and when will we meet for early entry.
A: Look for an LPU sign either near the general public entrance or near the VIP entrance. You can also ask will call for the information. You must make sure you are there at least 30 minutes before doors open to the general public.

Q: I'm going to a festival (Edmonton, Calgary, etc). Will I have early entry?
A: No. Early entry is not available at any festivals.

Q: My laminate hasn't arrived in the mail yet. What should I do?
A: Call ground(ctrl) - USA: (877) GND-CTRL | INTL: (916) 443-9205 or visit: http://support.groundctrl.com/

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