Hey kids =)

As a lot of people know, the Linkin Park Street Team was generous enough to give out free, one-month trial memberships to the Linkin Park Underground for all of its members.

I'm already an annual member of the LPU, so I don't really have any use for the trial. However, I know there are a lot of people here on LinkinPark.com that would like to be members of the LPU, but don't have the ability. This is your chance! =)

The contest is relatively easy. I'm not going to be discriminatory and limit it to one country. All you really need is the ability to photoshop/paint shop/etc. However, for legal purposes, I will say that you have to be at least 13 years of age to participate. I only say this because there is an age limit on the LPU where you have to be 13 to join.

Without further ado:

The contest will consist of three parts.

Part 1 will be the initial phase. I will give you three quotes to choose from, and you will have to choose ONE of them for your picture. With the quote you choose, you must depict it in the way you find BEST suited for your choice.  This is where photoshopping skills come into the picture. You will be judged on: impact, creativity, originality, and overall skill. There is a limit of ONE entry per person. Entries must be completed and posted by midnight on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 2010. This gives you a WEEK to work.

Part 2 is the narrowing down of the pictures. I will personally narrow all entries down to FIVE finalists. I will be posting the finalists on or around SATURDAY JUNE 5, 2010

Part 3 is the final voting. Of the five finalist's pictures, one will be chosen by the general public by way of poll. When final voting is going on, names will not be placed with pictures. This is to make it completely fair. There will be no favoritism.

Winner will be chosen/notified on or around SATURDAY JUNE 12, 2010.

With your entry, please include first name, LinkinPark.com username, age, and email. If you would like to disclose this information to me in a private message, you are more than welcome; however, make sure I know which entry is yours =)

Here are your quote choices:

1.) I will end where I began.

2.) But they told me that a man should be faithful, and walk when not able, and fight 'til the end; but I'm only human.

3.) Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

General rules:

1.) You must be 13 years old or older to enter.
2.) Anything entry submitted after 12:00AM PST on WEDNESDAY JUNE 2, 2010 will note be included in the contest.
3.) Do not use any vulgar, pornographic, or questionable content pictures in your entries.
4.) If you are already a member of the LPU, you may not enter. This is to give new members a chance to join.
5.) Above all, HAVE FUN!

Have fun guys! And good luck!

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Okay, well, since no one seems to be paying attention to it, I'll be closing it tomorrow and just giving the membership to someone else.



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