Anyone knows  when the european  tour 2013 will be announced? 

I want them to came again in Romania:)

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Please, come back in Italy! :)

is it true that you are coming to Serbia in may ??

I know a state where Linkin Park hasn't been yet :D SERBIA :D Please, can you come?

UK tour?

UK tour please? I lost out last time for trusting someone else to get my tickets :(

Hi Linkin Park, hoping you will read this. You have been my favourite band since I was 14 and my dream has always been to see you play live. I live on a little island called Guernsey between England and France. Me and my best friend always talked about how awesome it would be to see you play. We never had enough money to get to the UK to see you. My friend now lives up in Newcastle and I see her a few times a year. It would be amazing if you did another UK tour so we could finally get to see you. I really hope this happens...It would be a dream come true!

Please Come Back To London

Carl Gascoigne said:

Come to the Uk man we miss you, That would be awesome. Its been so long

Im dying to see them anywhere near Slovenia. I hope they'll play on Nova Rock this year! Anybody has any info about that?

Imagine if they come to Cyprus!! It would be awesome!! :p
Please announce your UK tour dates!! :)

Antreas Constantinou said:


If you could come to Budapest, if would be awesome, because you've never been there.
Me and my friends love Linkin Park, but we never were on your concerts, because they're too far. So if you guys could come to Budapest, it would be the best.

come to thessaloniki guys! you dont know what your missing! forget about athens this waiting!

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