Anyone knows  when the european  tour 2013 will be announced? 

I want them to came again in Romania:)

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Come to the uk, please


Can anyone tell me if this is actually going to happen at some point or if it's just rumors! I'd want to see them so bad!:D And I don't want to miss them again like i did last year:(


Caillaux Jérémy said:

It should be great LP in Belgium !! :P

I want them to come to Norway, they've only been here once before and at that time I was not old enough to go... :(

Please come to the Czech Republic! I love you so much! :)

We want in Lithuania again...

Well,you must know something!
You gave us "". Once is enough! If someone need to see any on that will find on own. Don't insult our intelligence with every your bullshit link on the same site.
And,by the way! Discussion topic is still "European tour 2013". Have you any to tell us except copy/paste keys?

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