ESCUSE ME The new song of linkin park....THE CATALYST and THE NEW ALBUM: is a reel good song

I AM mickael , i hav post here : "The new song of linkin park...THE CATALYSTE: is not a good song!"




i have going to the concert of linkin park of course.


THE NEW ALBUM ROCK in concert!!!



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Not sure what you are saying... You didn't like the new stuff, but it was amazing live, now you do?

Well that makes sense. Same thing for me with some of the older stuff: don't care for the studio versions yet the live on youtube, awesome.
Not 100% sure what you're saying.... Do you mean you've heard people say that 'The Catalyst' isn't a good song, but you've heard it live, and they are wrong because it rocks in a concert?

Well, whatever you mean, I'm glad you like it, and I can't wait to go see them live too :)
I just say: yesterday, I have going to the concert. Now, i like the new album,

in live , the new songs are différent,it is more rock!

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