The Requiem: the first time i heard this... 1:30 am 9.14.10. it was dark in my house, the is the kind of song where you can imagine it, if anyone knows what fallout is then theyll understand, of course its a girls voice which makes it all the better, what i love about this song is that its eerie to the point where a little torn up half radiotized girl is walking toward you saying basically that this world is in horrible shape and we need the hands of god to help us through these tough times, i love the creativity used in it, as well i get the bone chilling feeling of a heart beat sensor as if time is running out.
The Radiance: i love the idea that Linkin Park decided to put speeches in their new album, it makes it what it is, im not gonna lie im not sure too much what this speech is about but from what i hear from the elderly man, i think its really cool.
Burning In the Skies: nuclear bomb? going off? the blood of innocence burning in the skies? or maybe just warfare its self, i thought maybe a mushroom cloud, i could be wrong, but i love this song.
Empty Spaces: sounds like a warfield, i hear gun fire, but what it goes into.....

When They Come for Me: this is like no other rap Mike has ever done, i honestly like it cause its creative, i am not a robot i am not a monkey, i will not dance even if the beat is funky, that just shows that this is them they like it, everyone wants the next thing to be just like the first, and dont get me wrong i love their old stuff, but truthfully i love all their stuff.

Robot Boy: i haven't figure out what i love about this song, but really, its so pure.

Jornada Del Muerto: Lift me up... Let me go.... in Japanese? thats freakin sweet!

Waiting For The End: sounds slightly like Fort Minor, which is awesome, cause i like the idea of Fort Minor with Linkin Park.

Blackout: i love how the song builds up to Chester screaming them mixing the screaming which is uber cool, and then soft Mike voice.

Wretches and Kings: holy crap... play this song really loud! or hear it live like i did, then youll know what i mean!

Wisdom, Justice, and Love: yet another speech about the past and what happened, i love how they creatively made it go from a mans voice to a robotic mans voice.

Iridescent: its releasing, this is a song that was beautifully made, this is why i LOVE Linkin Park because they know how people feel, and thats why people LOVE their music.

Fallout: Radiation from nuclear warfare is what disorients the human body and majorly effects you, thats why this is a robotic voice,  this line that he sings swimming in the smoke is pretty much what i think as swimming in the radiation, it hurts you. 
The Catalyst: i love this song to death because its basically about the earths last day and how everyone is panicking, and it builds up to an awesome explosion with singing and well put drums, every element in nature needed is used to put this master piece together.
The Messenger: this world is a hurtful place, when life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind. its so true too. 

All together i absolutely love Linkin Park and their new album A Thousand Suns. I love you guys! Thank you for this beautiful work of art! i love it!

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liek bro thr album is conceptual, get it huh? experimental, chance to try somethign new rather then teh usual stuff. nd what do you hav against pianos? besides u can only rly hear bltant pianoing on Burning in the Skies, Robot Boy, Wisdom, Justice, and Love and Iridescent so play nice bro. n grupp vocals are awshum regardless of what u says trolol

 James Duffy said:

i LOVE the lack of drums/guitars and the INCREASE is pianos and group singins (sike) ....not a big fan of the album, very dissapointed.

This album it's so amazing !!!! Nothing else comes to mind

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