Hello everyone!!:) I'd like to ask you guys about vocoder device which has been used by Mike Shinoda in Fallout prelude. I just need to know what kind of device it is, that's a vst plug in or any external device? I will be very gratefull for the name or model of this thing. For any response thank you, straight away!!:)

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I don't think he used some special vst... maybe the vocoder that is included in protools...

many DAWs have their own vocoder device (fl studio, live) - just play around with them and you maybe get the effect...

or try to ask on kvraudio.com and if you find a vst that let you do that let me know :)

Hi!!:) Thanks for response mate, I've been looking for that thing nearly hundreads forums and honestly I haven't received any helpfull answer, but funny thing is that I was watching some live videos on YT and I am complitly sure that he's using an external device, as far as he is setting up him neko xxl( Moscow, Red Squere "Fallout-The catalyst, 2010) You can see there how is he doing this, by adjustments of him open labs keyboard, and sometimes He presses the pedal which is placed underneath his keyboard. But I will check that website which You gave me, and ofcorse I'm gona ask them there:) And if I will get some news I will let you know, buddy:)

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