Fanmade Cover Art For Blackbirds [In Association with Joseph]






Feel free to add them as cover art in your iTunes Library though.

Thanks LPA/LPL member Joseph (Formerly known as TakeAllThatWeCan) for providing some of that background photos. Yeah, some of you may recognize the original one of the first work. Very true, I work it based on one of the back-up cover of M2M..Haha.

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I saw the 1st one on Flickr :X Luve it. those are really good.

I've searched "Blackbirds" on Google and found this
"SR-71 Blackbird, a supersonic reconnaissance aircraft built by Lockheed-Martin"
and according to the meaning of the song, Cover Art For it must be something like ... mmm... strong, creepy, severe but has chilly sadness inspiration
These are sick! I like the 1st and 3rd ones the best.
well done to the creators of each of these pieces.
i particularly like the first and last ones.
i think for the third one, if the bush was moved to the left to give a more empty isolated feel, that'd be epic.
wow!! love it ! so sick man XD!!
The first three and the last one are my favorites. These are amazing! In my opinion, the images without Linkin Park in them are the strongest.
They look so..................retro!
Thanks for posting these. It's good to see people appreciate our work.
Yeah, thx for all your comments..we appreciate that.
wow, cool covers.. i was bored one day in class and hand drew the blackbirds logo that is my display pic right now... I plan to digitize it soon using photoshop...

Sweet! But whats with the 5th one

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