What's Your Fav LP Album?


, Hybrid Theory

, Or Meteora

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Hybrid Theory because there most my fav. songs like Points of Authority, Papercut and etc.
Meteora, because the most songs i like are on Meteora :D i like more the old style LP than new.
Hybrid Theory. Though I like the other albums too. All their albums are awsome.
Hybrid Theory, FTW.

Once I heard In the End on the radio, I scrounged together my allowance money to buy this C.D. I then commenced getting up an extra hour so that I could walk to school and listen to my C.D. Walkman each morning during the trip. One day I was near the school and it slowly but surely started breaking down pouring, right in the middle of In the End.. right before the part toward the end where Chester's most beautiful voice comes out, "I put my trust.. in you.. pushed as far as I can go.. for all this, there's only one thing you should know.." If it weren't for the rain, you'd've probably seen me cry. lol I was 14.

After that personal experience.. Linkin Park were just my heroes, to be able to bring out such emotion in me when nothing else did.
Hard to say...All of them are great but I think that the album who made history was Hybrid Theory.LP for life.
Hybrid Theory - eargasm Meteora was great as well, but gotta go with HT
Hybrid Theory will always be the best

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