What's Your Fav LP Album?


, Hybrid Theory

, Or Meteora

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Meteora. No questions.
of course hybrid theory
I like all of their albums, but Hybrid Theory the best.
Personally, Meteora... Its just got everything, rap, rock, metal, instrumental tracks... Plus the lyrics are beautiful! Also, the whole artwork that went with it aswell was fantastic. I think LP changed their sound too radically after that...
MTM, definitely the best.
My favourite LP album has got to be Meteora!!! Not only does it have the most amazing songs on it but it was also the most successful out of all of them... I'm not a big fan of the cover though, i think Hybrid Theory has a better cover, but it is still good...
hybrid theory for sure!!!!
I Personally love the album Meteora!! they sounded perfect... mike's voice and brad's guitar made the perfect mood... awesome work! And! Chester's voice screaming!! was awesome...
Meteora is my favorite. but i love all of them, honestly. because the guys sing what they are inspired, not what people tell them to sing. thats real music. they are the best at whatever they do :)
Hyrbrid theory !!!!! But all their albums are amazing
Hyrbrid theory !!!!! But all their albums are amazing
I love them all but my most fave LP album is Hybrid Theory.. I almost memorized all the Hybrid Theory songs...I was still in highschool at that time...I miss those days! ^.^

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