Hey everybody, I'm a huge LP fan, and I'd like to see what the most popular song is among fans. So, leave a comment and let me know.


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Leave Out All the Rest hands down.
So many to choose from - Somewhere I Belong, Numb, One Step Closer, Not Alone but edging them all out is without a doubt, New Divide!

Got it as a ringtone, so whenever I watch or listen to it, I always rush to my Blackberry! Always a good thing!
Well, I'd say that One Step Closer is my favorite to listen to, but Somewhere I belong is my favorite to play for people... One Step is fun to play too, but Somewhere I belong is more fun. :)
i keep changing my fav is new divide

bleed it out is a fun song!!
With hands held high
into the sky so blue
The Ocean Opens Up To Swollow you
Points of Authority...Leave Out all the rest, hard to choose...it depends on mood
right now is New Divine
No Roads Left
i can't choose..
A Place For My Head, In Between, Hands Held High, No Roads Left, One Step Closer, Bleed It Out, Nobody's Listening, Numb, Lying From You, Somewhere I Belong, In The End, Runaway, Papercut, Pushing Me Away, What I've Done, Faint, Don't Stay...
i love all of them.. :D :D
Idk it's hard to choose I would have to say numb

No Roads Left IS the best! Oh yeah!

Way too hard for me to pick so here are my favorites:

In the End

With You


What i've Done

Bleed it Out

Lying From You


The Catalyst

Somewhere I Belong

One Step Closer




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