What's your favorite song by Linkin Park?

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Meteora: don`t stay
hybrit theory:part of me
minutes to midnight:the little things give you away
underground:Across the line
I love all and every one of his songs, but what I like most is numb .. I choose to numb because when I listen to is like that leads me to another world ..and this happens to me with all lp songs but in my opinion .. numb is the best: D
From HT - Crawling, In the end.
From Meteora - Numb.
From MTM - What I`ve Done
my fave song right now is the catalyst from linkin park's upcoming album
It's hard to Say! But:

It's going down is not on Hybrid Theory EP !

Austin Konz said:
how about favorite song from each album? picking 10 is easier than 1.
Xero Demo Tape: Reading My Eyes
Hybrid Theory: Place For My Head
Hybrid Theory EP: It's Goin' Down
Reanimation: Enth E Nd
Meteora: Numb
LP and Jay-Z: 99 Problems/One Step Closer/ Points of Authority
Minutes to Midnight: Leave Out All the Rest
LP Underground and others: Across the Line
Favorite Demo: Crawling Demo
And how about favorite live Performance? In The End Rock Am Ring 2004
Pick my favorite song? You've got to be kidding!! There are so many songs. I have never been asked a more difficult question my whole life!! It's sooo hard to pick a favorite... :D
No Roads Left, Qwerty, Blackbirds, Breaking the Habit, Pushing Me Away, and well the list goes on. I can say only two from Minutes to Midnight Bleed It Out and In Pieces
Definitely "Hit The Floor" off the Meteora album.
High Voltage. Anyone else remember that? Loved that song.

A ton! Numb, A Place For My Head, Nobody's Listening, Wretches and Kings, New Divide, No More Sorrow... well all of them really :D

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