Hey I am soon going to do this topic/website on linkin park and is wanting to know what is your favorite song from hybrid theory, meteora, reanimation, and A Thousand Suns or any other unreleased song?
(i might be asking more questions :)

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HT-Crawling or Runaway. Meteora-Breaking the Habit, MtM-Hands Held High, ATS-Wretches and Kings
Hybrid Theory - Crawling

Meteora - From The Inside

MTM - Valentine's Day, Shadow of the Day, Leave out all the rest

ATS - Waiting for the end, Wretches and Kings

Hybrid Theory: Papercut

Meteora: Faint

Minutes to Midnight: No More Sorrow

A Thousand Suns: Waiting For The End

Reanimation: Krwlng

I'll also throw in one from Collision Course: Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer
HT - Papercut
Meteora - Lying From You
MtM - The Little Things Give You Away
ATS - Blackout, The Catalyst
Reanimation - Krwlng
HT EP - Part of Me
HT - Runaway
Reanimation - By-Myslf
Meteora - Figure.09
Collision Course - Points/99 Problems/One Step Closer
MTM - Bleed it Out
ATS - Wretches and Kings
Hybrid Theory- Cure for the Itch. Reanimation- Pprkut. Meteroa- Hit The Floor. Minutes To Midnight- The Little Things Give You Away. A Thousand Suns- Blackout. Collision Course- Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You.

I've also enjoyed What I've Done, when it was a single . Also Somewhere I Belong .
Ill just do the main four

Hybrid Theory - Crawling

Meteora - Breaking the Habit

MTM - Leave out all the rest

ATS - Wretches and Kings, Iredescent
Thanx guyz :)
Hybrid Theory - A Place For My Head , Papercut , Forgotten , P5hng Me A*wy

My December

Meteora - Lying From You , Don't Stay

Minutes To Midnight - In Pieces , In Between , Little Things Give You Away

A Thousand Suns - The Catalyst , Wretches And Kings , Iridescent , The Messenger

And Also Bubbles :)
HT EP - Carousel, Ambient
HT - Runaway, In The End, Live versions of Papercut
Reanimation - Opening, Krwlng
Meteora - Nobody's Listening, Numb, Live versions of Breaking the Habit
Collision Course - Izzo / In The End
MTM - Bleed it Out, In Pieces
ATS - Blackout, When They Come For Me, Live versions of The Radiance
Other - What We Don’t Know, Pale, I Have Not Begun
2.Points of Authority
3.In The End
5.With You
6.A Place for My Head
8.By Myself
10.One Step Closer

1.Lying From You
3.Dont Stay
4.Somewhere I Belong
7.Hit The Floor
8.Breaking the Habit

1.Given Up
2.What i've Done

Only The Catalyst :D
Thanx guyz again for your help keep it coming :)
oh yea 1 more thing pleeeeeeeeeaase answer my discussion question for music for relief ideas...i'm making an imovie on MFR and need pictures, words, and what lp song would match with MFR
thanx soo much!

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