What is your fav. Song from Fort Minor?
And why? :)

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Remember the name)
My fav is Slip Out The Back.... I dunno why, I just love it and get chills all over when it starts... :D
Slip out the back/Feel like home... story of my life
I think 100 Degrees...great beats and great lyrics^^ nothing more to say
I guess its Where'd You Go..... D song is really beautiful.
And 100 Degrees is just too awesome !!
Red to Black! I don't know why but whenever I listen to this song there is a strong feeling deep in my heart!Thank FM,thank Mike!
Where'd you go... The best lyric song ...
My favourite song is Believe me coz itz music is good and video is "The best"
Believe Me and Petrified
The Hard Way just because the beat of the song is awesome and the words in the song are so amazing
for me i love where'd u go~best!:)like a voice from my heart:)where'd u go? when im very small i like ask that question to my father~~
where'd you go - i like the music and the beat



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