What is your fav. Song from Fort Minor?
And why? :)

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where'd you go - i like the music and the beat
My fav. definitely "KENJI" that song's deep..
I like where'd you go and kenji... where'd you go because the music and lyrics are amazing and kenji because of the message it sends. kenji made me feel crappy :P

I like very much Remember the name>> and Where did you go>>

I don't know, the music it's awesome and the lyricks are so cool and good that i simply love them.

my fave song by fort minor is Believe Me becasue that song keeps me going and the lyrics matchs my mood also whats going on in a situation. =]

petrified and in stereo....

why?? just rock my world, and rock my ears too :D



My Favorite song from Fort Minor is "Petrified" because the beat is awsome!!!!!!!!!!
My Favorite Song From FM Is Believe Me, 'Cause the video is awesome.... and the music too...
Favorite songs: Remember the name, back home, feel like home, high road, in stereo, right now, slip out the back
My favourite song from Fort Minor  are believe me and 100 degrees.
Kenji!!!!!!! It's sooo sweet and true. That's the best part of linkin park coming out in Fort minor, the sincerity, ad the 'don't water anything down' policy!!!! And it's just a fucking awesome song!! Stay proud o who u are and where u came from mike!



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