hello soldiers!!

just wanted too ask you about your 5 favorite songs of course of linkin park

here are mine:

  • in the end
  • numb
  • papercut
  • crawling
  • the messenger.

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hmmm. I think: 

  • With You
  • Numb
  • Somewhere I Belong
  • Waiting for the End
  • Faint


In The End

Breaking The Habit


High Voltage (HTEP original)

I think it's:

  • The Messanger
  • The Catalyst
  • Nobody's Listening
  • Faint
  • High Voltage

  • Faint
  • The catalyst
  • In The End
  • Shadow of the Day
  • Waiting For the End

It's incredibly difficult to make a top 5 for LP. I love every single song, and if you're ask to choose among your children, that would be very hard right?

Ok here it is. I wish this was a top 20.

In The End


New Divide


The Catalyst/Wretches and Kings

my favourite songs are

leave out all the rest
burning in the skies
no roads left
the messenger
given up

well i really love all their songs

Numb   -   One step closer   -    from the inside    -     Faint      -      In the End     -      And So MUCH MORE ..!

My favorite 5 songs are (really i love all Linkin Park music): - In the end
- Somewhere i belong
- Little things give you away
- Roads untraveled
- Numb

Too hard to decide. What I do know is that my top 5 would have been mainly from HT. But then after seeing them live for the first time (I live in New Zealand) I became obsessed with Meteroa onwards. "Shadow of the Day" would make my personal top five.

Somewhere I Belong
In The And
My December

The best songs:
Breaking The Habit, Numb, In The End, What I've Done, Somewhere I Belong, One Step Closer, Crawling, Faint, A Place For My Head, Wretches And Kings, Iridescent, Bleed It Out, Given up, Lies Greed Misery, Burn It Down, Lost In The Echo, Castle of Glass, Powerless, In My Remains, The Catalyst, Leave At All The Rest

(It's very difficult for me to choose five )

Given Up
Somewhere I Belong
What I've done

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