hello soldiers!!

just wanted too ask you about your 5 favorite songs of course of linkin park

here are mine:

  • in the end
  • numb
  • papercut
  • crawling
  • the messenger.

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Somewhere I belong
Leave out all the rest
paper cut
what I've done

Just five... Let's see:
Bleed It Out
Breaking The Habit
Skin To Bone
One Step Closer
Burn It Down

Breaking the Habit
In the End
Hands Held High
The Catalyst
Iridescent (though all 3 transformer songs are good)

-Somewhere I Belong
-I'll Be Gone
-New Divide
-In the End

But of all time:
-New Divide
-In the End
-Breaking The Habit
-The Catalyst
-What I've Done


No more sorrow


Shadow of the day

Bleed it out

1. Powerless
2. From the Inside
3. Somewhere I Belong
4. Wth>You
5. Valentine's Day

6. Into You - Dead by Sunrise (just because it's so awesome...)

THAT is difficult question... It really depends on my day, but now i say:

1. In My Remains

2.Breaking The Habit

3.Given Up

4.Castle Of Glass

5.P5hng Me A*wy (Live In Texas version)

1. Little Things Give You Away
2. Hands Held High
3. High Voltage
4. Powerless
5. Leave Out All The Rest

Crawling, In the end, by myself, Numb, papercut, Pushing me away, <3

Given Up
A Place for My Head
In the End

NUMB: I've become so numb, I can't feel u there, Become so tire, So much more aware, i becoming this, All i want to do, is be more like me, And be less like u,

CRAWLING: Crawling in my skin, This wounds they will not heal, Fear is how i fall, Confusing what is real,

IN THE END: One thing, I don't know why, doesn't even matter how hard u try keep that in mind, I designed this Rhyme to remind myself how i tired so hard,
:D :D :D ;)

One step closer
In the End
Somewhere i belong
Lost in the Echo
and lots more...

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