Favorite song? Why?

Favorite band member why?

Favorite video? Why?

WHy do u love Linkin Park?

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Blackbirds, because it's new and I can really relate to it
Mike and Chester, Because they're the vocalist and writers and they write some amazing songs
New Divide, I love the the part with the bullet changing into Chester like that's the best video Linkin Park have done

Linkin Park is all thank to Chester and MIke they can change how they sing at almost any moment they can go slow and soft or hard and fast and they got good messages in their songs that's the main reason why Linkin is my favorite Band.
Hey, Hi !
My favorite song's Blackbirds,In the End,Numb, What i've done !=)
My favorite video's - Numb, New divide, in the end, Not ALONE!!!!! ;)
I like Linkin Park!=)

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