Hey i just wanna know what song

you guys like from their new album A Thousand suns?

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Wretches & Kings, Iredescent is right behind it though
Hey thanks for replying and i
totally agree with you on both of your song choices

feel alone final blow we the animals take control :)
Waiting for the end yooooo
Hey thanks for getting involved guys
i have trouble making a choice. when they come for me, wretches and Kings, Blackout, all three alike, then waiting for the end and the messenger.
Have many actually...but if I'd to choose, then W&K probably :)
Hey guys,
Its great that your all getting involved with this discussion
i also think wretches and kings :)
hey can you tell me about how your favourite song makes you feel ?
i look forward to the replies
The Catalyst, The Messenger and Iridescent are the best.
i love iridescent and  when they come for me, at first i didnt really like iridescent but it has really grown on me.
my favourites are: Wretches & Kings, Waiting For The End, Blackout and ´When They Come For Me ;D
I love "When They Come For Me". Also, "Wretches & Kings," "Waiting for The End," "Burning in The Skies," and "Blackout".

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