Hey i just wanna know what song

you guys like from their new album A Thousand suns?

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Hey guys sorry i haven't been on for a while just wanted to let you know

that i really appreciate you taking time to reply to these 

thanks i also agree with all your song choices you can't pick specific one's sometimes because its hard 

:) hope your all well

Irisdescent no doubt. Woohoo!
I love Waiting For The End, but Wretches And Kings is up there too.
I'd have to go with Iridescent. It's such a soothing song but builds up to something epic towards the end. When They Come For Me is a close second.
  1. When They Come For Me (love the drums on this song and I kinda missed Mike rapping on some of songs, return of Mike lol)
  2. Wretches and Kings (luv the energy that Mike and Chester give this song)
  3. Blackout (old school LP on this song, Chester screaming luv it)
  4. Iridescent (love the lyrics and the message in the song, I know why this was a contender for the first single of ATS)

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