Mine are "Castle of Glass", "In My Remains", "Burn It Down", "Lies Greed Misery" and "Powerless" :D Buut, I love all of them! This album is something new. SOmething unique. That's what it makes it amazing!

Mike: "What we were trying to do is to break down our own preconceived ideas on what the band is."

Chester: "It's like insane hip-hop, to like punk-rock, death metal, to like folk music. It's insane."

Mike: "We built this record on everything else we've done. And hopefuly pushed it forward in the future" 

I think they said it all! 

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I love all the new songs, they're different, but no less incredible. my favorites would have to be: I'll Be Gone, Powerless and Burn It Down

I love all songs, but my favs are castle of glass, in my remains, lies greed misery and powerless

Roads untraveled, skin to bone and powerless at the moment. The first three songs felt like one and the same song. In burn it down, I'm like, "Wait where did the second song went?". In my remains was a bit lost at first. When I learned the lyrics I started to be in to it. Maybe that more that I listen the more I get in to them.
Believe me, some albums take half of year of listening until they finally open up. With Lp it happens rarely.

This is a hard question to answer xD And to be honest, I can't pick one, I do have to say I love each song equally. Since it came out, the entire album has been my "Summer Anthem" lol

haha... Living Things was my and my bro's "summer anthem" too... That was well said ;)

Logan McGary said:

This is a hard question to answer xD And to be honest, I can't pick one, I do have to say I love each song equally. Since it came out, the entire album has been my "Summer Anthem" lol

Mine are I'll Be Gone, Powerless, and Lost In The Echo. But I really do love the entire album, and how it's just so different. Amazing work.

But is it sad that I can already song every song from beginning to end? 'Cause I can.

My favorite song is Until It Breaks, because there are so many different styles in this one song. I also like Powerless, and Lies Greed Misery and... well actually i love all of the songs ;-)

YES!! The chorus of Powerless makes smile and sing out loud and cry because I soooo want to see it live (I have never been to a concert)..it is so meaningful. While I'm here I'll answer the original question:
1. Burn it Down/ In My Remains
2. Powerless/ Castle of Glass
3. Lies Greed Misery
It's hard to put them in order- it's such an amazing album although it took me a while to truly be one with it (if you know what I mean)
ok, that's all

ReRe said:

Powerless, that's my favorite song from the album. That song always gets me with that chorus. Lost in the Echo is my second favorite, and I'll be Gone is the third. I would say that this is the best album Linkin Park has made by far in my opinion :)

Roads Untraveled
Castle Of Glass
Lost In The Echo
Lies Greed Misery
I'll Be Gone
In My Remains
Burn It Down
Skin To Bone
Until It Breaks Linkin Park did great on this album, no song i didn't like yet again. They never disappoint me.

Powerless - the most beautiful song I've heard in my life.

Check out my blog on LPU for my official Living Things review :)
- Kristyne -

For me, it will be Lost in the Echo, Powerless and Burn it Down.

When I first listened to the album I thought there were so many great stand out tracks on it. Lost in the Echo and Powerless made a big impression upon first listen. The whole album is fabulous though. I fell instantly in love with it, love every track, and it is my favorite one now. I think it is a seamless blend of classic LP sounds and new sounds which make me look forward to what is to come. There was a genre debate about them somewhere and someone commented saying 'They are their own genre' and I believe it now after hearing this one.

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