Mine are "Castle of Glass", "In My Remains", "Burn It Down", "Lies Greed Misery" and "Powerless" :D Buut, I love all of them! This album is something new. SOmething unique. That's what it makes it amazing!

Mike: "What we were trying to do is to break down our own preconceived ideas on what the band is."

Chester: "It's like insane hip-hop, to like punk-rock, death metal, to like folk music. It's insane."

Mike: "We built this record on everything else we've done. And hopefuly pushed it forward in the future" 

I think they said it all! 

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Lost in the echo, burn it down

Burn it Down, Powerless, Lost in the echo, in my remains are my faves, but at least i love all,   New Album is awesome,  but i keep always saying   I missed Old times, Old Songs and albums, ;)   

I love all the songs but I'd say Lost in The Echo (amazing song all the way through), Roads Untraveled (great lyrics and so unique), Castle of Glass, I'll be Gone, Lies and Misery, Powerless, Burn it Down, In my Remains and Skin to Bone. Hmmm it's so hard to choose.....

Living Things= AMAZING!!!!!!

You said it all!! Powerless= POWERFUL!!! And I'm finally going to a concert so I'll see it live YAY

ReRe said:

Ikr xD. I think i can say for all of us that Powerless is our favorite song. It touches us all in some way and that feeling feels great :).

Taya Michel said:

YES!! The chorus of Powerless makes smile and sing out loud and cry because I soooo want to see it live (I have never been to a concert)..it is so meaningful. While I'm here I'll answer the original question:
1. Burn it Down/ In My Remains
2. Powerless/ Castle of Glass
3. Lies Greed Misery
It's hard to put them in order- it's such an amazing album although it took me a while to truly be one with it (if you know what I mean)
ok, that's all

ReRe said:

Powerless, that's my favorite song from the album. That song always gets me with that chorus. Lost in the Echo is my second favorite, and I'll be Gone is the third. I would say that this is the best album Linkin Park has made by far in my opinion :)

powerless, i like this song

My opinion is that album Living Things is a very perfect album and i like the event that is dedicated to everyones life just like Hybrid Theory and Meteora.
All songs of this album are very well,i can't find some song who is suck,i like all of them but more i like the song In my Remains,but all of them rare. xD

Mine are Powerless and Burn It Down

Got to be, POWERLESS, IN MY REMAINS, LIES GREED MISERY, LOST IN THE ECHO, lol and everything else the whole album is good

I love all the songs from this album. but Lost in The Echo is the best.(In My Opinion)

My fav song of Living Things is Lost In The Echo. Coz this song have traditional singing of Chester and Mike. Chester always sing on high voise,in Lost In The Echo too,Mike make rap (or hip-hop). It tgis two singer together make this song it looks like rapcore. So,its my fav song and my opinion.

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