I would like to ask you(the reader) to design a tattoo for me


A little personal backstory(feel free to skip this lol) I'v been a fan of LP since i was around 10, and like many others, LP has been there for me through a rough childhood, and a few rough patches. I dont know what it is about LP that helped me the most, but whenever something was going wrong, i just needed to throw on a track and feel better. now im an adult, and iv realised how much LP has helped me. i see others losing themselves with problems less severe than my own and know that its because of LP that i lasted through the years</ramble>



Alright, THE POINT

I feel as if iv grown with the music over the years, changing, becoming more mature and individual as the music has, and because of this i thought to myself, i would love to do something out of respect for what LP has done for me. something permanent, and looking at chesters tattoo, i decided i wanted a unique LP tatt.

The thing is, i only have a general idea of what i want.



I saw this, and thought it was a good place to start. i was thinking of adding something from each album, like wings from HT, as well as 2 of the flags in a wide horizontal X shape across the bottom. I dont really know about the other albums. maybe the ATS distorted LP symbol? Any help and/or designs would be greatly appreciated :)

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