A Discussion on which side band you prefer
I personally prefer Fort Minor I wanna hear your opinion

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i also prefer fort minor buddy but the fact is both are different genres and different people.they cannot be compared.if fort minor has produced songs like remember the name,where d'ya go then dead by sunrise also has too late,crawl back in and into you.so from my side we can like anyone more than the other but it won't be fair.it will just reveal the kind of genre we like.nothing else.
Chester bennington and Mike r 2 diff ppl ..... the music dey mak r diff 2........ but d way dey come 2gether in lp roxx for eg points of authority- papercut - waiting for the end
I prefer Fort Minor, but that is something that depends on what people like to listen to. There's a huge difference between FM & DBS. (Also the fact that Mike is my favorite guy in the band might be part of my decision. =p)
I prefer Dead By Sunrise but it's because of the genre, not because Fort Minor's not great. But I prefer Linkin Park by far than either of them. :) Have a nice one! :)
i honestly prefer Dead By Sunrise because I'm not really into hip-hop (unless Mike is involved of course ;D) and because i've been listening to Dead By Sunrise longer :P
I prefer DBS because the type of music they produce is closest to Linkin Parks, but FM are still good.

I love Dead By Sunrise... But that doesn´t mean that FM is not great.... But I think it´s because i Like more rock than hiphop....

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