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Fort Minor shows Mike capacity as a rap artist. It was really good....... He should bring out a new album soon, FM has slept for too long
Fort Minor is rap at its best, it is Mike's Production and Vocals and knowledge of Rap that makes this a fantastic hip hop album.....the beats are just infectious and the colaberation with Styles of Beyond is really impressive....this is one of my favourite so fresh
I loved the Fort Minor mixtape demos and the cd.. wonderful CD. Hoping the next LP cd will see more of Mike and his beats.. they were great!
Man, I wish Mike still worked on FM, though personally I'm glad he's keeping with Linkin Park too...I'm just a bit selfish like that. But really, Mike is the only reason why I can stand rap. I've tried listening to Eminem, a lot of his songs are really offensive to me. I've listened to Jay-Z, gotten into a few of his songs, mostly because of his work with Linkin Park. Mike is one of those few rare rappers, who give meaning behind his song, my prime examples being Where'd You Go and Kenji. They need to make more music at some point :(
Mike hasn't got FM on his agenda at the moment because of Warner but Mike did mention that all of his FM energy would be going into the new LP record (:
have all of you guys got the We Major mixtape?
I totally love Fort Minor! It shows how talented Mike really is, and it's awesome!
The lyrics are amazing and they're not as superficial as with some other rap-band, but they go deeper and have meaning. I think that's what I love the most. The lyrics make you think, and make you want to care about people. =)

Has anyone heard the song he did with Lupe Fiasco for Haiti btw? "Resurrection"... I Love that song!
Yeah, Mike really good hip-hoper but not raper. Fm - hip-hop!!! cuz it has a strong beat. Do you listen Onyx? This is real rap. My favourit album is We major and, i think, the best songs are Spraypaint & Inkpens and 100 degrees. Thank you for reading it.
i love "believe me"
Mike is the only part of rap that I really enjoy

Finally listened to lots of Fort Minor songs and I love Spraypaint and Inkpens, Right Now, Feel Like Home, Where'd You Go, Back Home, Believe Me, Get Me Gone, High Road, Kenji, Red To Black, The Battle, Slip Out The Back, Be Somebody, The Hard Way. So glad some straight hiphop with very decent lyrics!!! I like the thinking behind them all and they sound good too! Not usual for me to love this sort of song cos most terrinble lyrics, but these great! Just wanted to say!


:) :)



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