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Hey guys, what's up! This is The Who Dat LP Fan! :)
I`m Linkin Park fan for so many years now, I almost just listen to Linkin Park, I have many CD`s from many other famous bands, but I think they are not worth to listen to them. Linkin Park will always be the best band.
Hey LP fans, I'm Daniel.
Unfortunately I haven't been a fan of LP since HT. If I was, I'd be 5.
So I got introduced when I heard "Crawling" on the radio. It became my instant favorite and I quickly became a fan of rock and pondered over how people could enjoy music like Britney Spears or whatever other lame artist. Anyway, later that week I saw the Transformers movie and got hooked on the song "What I've Done." So I looked he song up online to discover it was by LP. After that I started listening to practically every LP song. I got Meteora and MtM as gifts then bought HT at a store, HT being the first album I bought. So now I'm a hardcore fan with almost 120 LP songs in my iTunes Library and that number will soon skyrocket with the release of A Thousand Suns.
Hi :)

My name is Alex, I'm 21 years old and a fan since I was 14.
I'm from Germany.
Actually I wasn't interested in LP or any kind of rock music but on a school trip I was in a cd shop with my friends and everyone started to look for their favourite bands and so I (kinda fake) searched for something I could listen to and it all ended up with the "Somewhere I belong" single in a bag at the end of the day ^^
That's my LP story.. :)
Hi I'm Sam I'm 14 and from Wales first heard Linkin Park on the radio on 2003 which was 'Numb' i then looked them up and got the album Meteora for my birthday and loved them ever since and I'm also going to see them live on November 7th in Newcastle, and with A Thousands Suns on its way to my collection of LP albums
Heya people :) my name is Adnan Palic, i live in Denmark and im 21 years old.

The first time i started listening to LP was when Hybrid Theory came out in 2000 and i heard the song In The End. i really liked the song and bought the whole album. since then i have allways been a fan of linkin park.

unfortunately i have not had the chance yet of seeing Linkin Park live, it is one of my dreams to see LP live, and hopefully that will happen soon :)
helloooooooooooooooo^^ my name is steffi and my english sucks sometime... i hope it´s not bad

i´m from germany ,bayern

the first song i ever listening from lp was one step closer (i love this song even more from the album reanimation) and i don´t get enough from the boy´s :)

it´s funny the german fan´s of linkin park are stupid sometimes (not all i know that :P) but i know so many people who says that the new singel is so (i say it in german...) scheisse ist

i love it :) so i´m now hear on on your wepside and hope my english is enough (i practice every time i have )^^
that´s all for the moment ^^

my names Crisse, born in liverpool, chinese nationality :) I love Linkin Park! Haha I started crying over the fact tickets were sold out once :) but I cannot wait for the Manchester tour!

First song I heard from them was Numb, it just totally got me interested. And I've been a fan of it since for a few years :)

Peace out x
I am finally coming on to these forums, to check this out, see what's up, etc.

Got to say I am pretty depressed. Certainly does paint a pretty sad picture for us at LPU. The band is here a lot more than on LPU. I am pretty jealous. I guess it fits since LPU is just a slowly sinking ship.

Ah yes, who am I. Well my name is Derek, I am from Louisville Kentucky. I discovered LP in Jan 2000 from the Linkin Park chat room on AOL. How cool. I've been involved with the band since 2002 when I joined the original ST, only to watch it die off. I've been a LPUer since the first hour it was open. Moderator since...can't remember how long now.

As for this place, don't really like it.

Hey, all. I'm Squ33ble or Shayna, whichever works.

I listened to LP when I was younger (probably in middle school; I'm now a college Freshman) and really liked their music. Of course, I was in a stage of musical exploration after years of only liking country music (which ended during this time), so I didn't focus on too many bands. I would listen to a few good songs, but never look farther. About a year ago, then, I rediscovered them. I listened to everything I could find, eventually making my way through all of their past albums. I was in love. I couldn't believe it took me so long to listen to the rest of their music. And now that A Thousand Suns is coming out, I've pre-ordered and am really impatient for it's release.

That's...about it.
Hi all ! I'm Katrien (Kat for my friends), and already living for 35 years in little Belgium, Europe.
I'm a fan from 03, with somewhere I belong, and the love for LP has grown ever since ;-)

Just only now that I discovered the forum... :$
Not really one favorite song or video (they all have something special), but I do go crazy on 'Bleed it out'

Ow, and my hubbie is also a big fan :-) (to keep it in the family :) )

Hopefully you guys will come back on an european tour... last time I was to late for tickets :(

see youuuuuu :-)
Hi Im Liam :) i live in England and im on 13 years old :) i first heard LP on the radio with one of their Jay-Z LP songs Numb/Encore.. that night i went on Youtube and searched for the song and i came across lots of LP songs and it was love at first listen :P

i also heard LP on the Transformers movie (A Micheal Bay Film :P lol) and i would say to my dad everytime they played DAD THATS LINKIN PARK xD

Linkin Park music is just magical and the Piano covers are just great to listen to if ur depressed or angry. i play a few LP songs on piano myself ;) anyhow.... i feel very welcome :)

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