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does anyone know when the new cd is supposed to hit, i heard early this year but how early is early???? im way too anxious
someone said june i thinkkk

Greg Smart said:
does anyone know when the new cd is supposed to hit, i heard early this year but how early is early???? im way too anxious
Hello everyone! This is the first time I've signed up at the LP official site, though I've been a fan since Hybrid Theory came out. My name is John Danowski, and I'm a musician. I make forms of electronic music using the program called FL Studio (fruity loops), and I go by the artist name "TranceCrafter."

Linkin Park is a huge influence on my music, and I love their songs (lol like everyone else here). I've actually made two remixes of their tracks, both out of respect for LP (New Divide, and Remember the Name, which is a Fort Minor track).

I'm from the US, live in Washington DC atm. I first learned about Linkin Park when I went into an FYE and bought a copy of Hybrid Theory. I loved it from day one, and to this day In The End remains my favorite song. I enjoy both the "old" LP and the "new" LP, though in my opinion they never actually "changed" in a bad sense. To me they're just Linkin Park, plain and simple.

So anyway, I hope to get more into the community aspect of this site, get to know everybody.
I forget my name, but I'm 13, awesome (I listen to Linkin Park, how couldn't I be?) and I joined just because. My friend got me started when I was over at his place last year and he had the album Minutes to Midnight playing. I got an iPod touch for Christmas and every chance I've gotten (not that often) I've bought iTunes cards to buy Linkin Park songs. IMO, Breaking the Habit is the best song ever. I find it describes me rather well.
hello everyone..
my name is khulood..and im a huuugge faN of lp since i was in grade six!
i realy dont know what my fave song or album...cuz it changes by my mood XD
im sure i'll have soo much fun in this new lp website!!
i love it already!...and i like meeting new friends too
so looking forward to know you all :)
Hello Everyone!!! I'm Georgia and i am from Greece.. I've been a LP fan for years but i've only recently joined the LP Community.. Their first song i heard was numb and i have been a devoted fan since then.. I have never been to a LP show mainly because i couldn't.. But i will next time they will visit Greece!! See ya..!!!
Hi my name is Beverley and am new to this site I'm from Wales (home of Welsh Rugby). I am probably the oldest member at 57. I have enjoyed listening to LP since Crawling became number 1 in the United Kingdom Charts. Have most of the albums, my work colleagues think Im mad that I like LPs type of music and think I should be listening to as they put it "softer type" music. I believe LP have visited Wales in the past but hope that they will one day play at our Millenium Stadium as have many big bands, Awaiting their new album dont know when it is likely to be available in the UK!!!!. So come on LP arrange a tour.
I'm Lisa. Long time LP fan...ever since I saw One Step Closer on Kerrang...before it was released over here in the UK. Went to see them at the O2, two years ago...they were awesome and I can remember it like it was yesterday.
Member of LPU and LPST...which means I try to do as much as I can promoting the band outside of the LP community.
Am hoping that they will be doing another tour this year, to coincide with the release of the new album...fingers crossed.
Hey guys im from australia yeh so my obsession with linkin park started with a car trip and all i had was a disc man and a hybrid theory disc so i listen to it for like 2 hours lol im 15 turning 16 this year i gots a girl friend i like the new layout of the site i frquently visited the old for the LP news but yeh its more easy to use this layout ive bought all of their albums but have never saw them in concert i really want them to come to australia but i guess it takes a while to get to other countries
hey im not really new here coz im a member of the lpn before..my email's been declined so i made a new one..so im back here again..i am reall ecstatic to be here coz i really do love lp so much and being here is like heaven wohoo..you know being where you know you have people with the same interest as you are..i want more friends,,,,,..
wtf is going on??!! O.o
well, anyways, my names Tonia, been on the old boards tough i dont know how long. xD
im 18 and i live in germany. for further details visit my page cuz im too lazy for copy and paste... ^^
Hey everyone, name's Michael Lu. :) 16, sophomore from Arcadia, CA. I started listening to Linkin Park 2-3 years ago. They're just simply amazing! Well I have most of LP's albums and am missing 2, one being the remix CD with Jay-Z and the other being the live album at Milton Keynes. I still have NOT seen LP at a show yet. :/ someday...

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